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for the real estate industry

Umbaumaßnahmen der easysquare Plattform

Um unsere Dienste und Services für unsere Kunden weiterhin in bester Qualität und störungsfrei anbieten zu können, planen wir im Februar 2019 umfangreiche Optimierungsmaßnahmen an unserer easysquare Plattform.

Diese Arbeiten finden in dem nachfolgenden Zeitfenster statt:

  • Start: Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 15:00 Uhr
  • Ende: Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019, 24:00 Uhr

Während dieses Wochenendes werden die Plattform und damit verbunden alle easysquare Dienste nicht zur Verfügung stehen. Für sämtliche angeschlossenen Lieferanten und Endkunden werden wir in dieser Zeit eine Wartungsseite schalten.

Bei Fragen oder Problemen kontaktieren Sie uns unter: support@easysquare.com

We are not only mobile, but also networked

easysquare mobile app on mobile devices

Easysquare is a unique digital solution for setting up, operating and networking real estate market places with mobile apps.
Here is how you can easily and effectively organise your communication with all those involved in professional real estate management: 
All users can access the networking platform using standard terminal devices such as tablets, smartphones or PCs. The easysquare platform is accessed via the easysquare mobile app for iOS or Android or via browser in the web app. Modern industry standards such as HTML5 form the basis for future compatibility and wide availability. Connection to the ERP system in question ensures that procedures run automatically and without errors, and controlled processes guarantee demonstrable time savings and cost reductions.

easysquare mobile WebApp on PC easysquare mobile app on mobile devices

For craftsmen:
the mobile solution for easy organisation and processing of your orders

The craftsmen app allows customers and contractors to process services electronically from the invitation to tender and award through to billing. Seamless integration into existing purchasing processes optimises workflows and significantly reduces the manual workload.
The broad service spectrum includes the exchange of orders through to saving framework contracts or unit price agreements.

Enjoy the benefits!

  • Easy and fast operation without any paper handling – even while on the go
  • Overview of all offered and awarded orders with comprehensive status information
  • Effortless organisation of your submitted orders
  • Arrange appointments or ask questions easily via a chat function
  • Reduced time for invoice processing
  • Exchange information independent of opening hours and office hours
easysquare mobile App für iPhone

For real estate professionals:
the mobile solution for professional support of your business processes

easysquare mobile is the mobile solution for professional support of your business processes in real estate industry

Mobile solutions have become indispensable when it comes to increasing the efficiency of business processes. Every real-estate management scenario you can think of can be drastically simplified with easysquare:

  • Residential property inspection
  • Handover of residential properties
  • Safety precaution for buildings
  • Building acceptance and progress
  • Portals for tenants and interested parties
  • Winter services
  • Visit and appointment management
  • Small repairs management and linking of tradesmen
  • Refurbishment of vacant residential buildings
  • Property inspections
  • Power services
  • ...and much more!

In the exclusive starter packager for business customers, easysquare is available for 25 euros per month and user. This offer is restricted to a maximum of 10 users.

easysquare mobile is the mobile solution for professional support of your business processes in real estate industry

For tenants, owners and interested parties:
the smart and convenient solution for your contractual relationship

As part of its range, the Berlin-based company easysquare GmbH develops mobile apps for digital tenant/owner support.

With this, we make all the processes relating to your contractual relationship easier, faster and more convenient!

Digital services such as your document management or a defect report are available at any time and from anywhere – via smartphone or tablet, conveniently from home or easily while on the move.

Easysquare is PROMOS consults’s brand for digitisation and mobile apps.
For almost 20 years, PROMOS has been one of the leading consulting and system companies in the German real estate business. Our customers place their trust in our proven expertise and tried-and-tested industry solutions.

easysquare tenant portal for tenants and interested parties
Easysquare mobile is an unique networking solution for all those involved in professional real estate management

For SAP® users:
seamless integration into the ERP system with easysquare workflow

Easysquare mobile is an unique networking solution for all those involved in professional real estate management
Do you need mobile solutions for SAP®-integrated support of your business processes?

For smooth embedding in the business processes, PROMOS provides the easysquare workflow – an extensive plug-in solution for secure integration into the existing IT landscape and SAP® systems.

With the integration of the easysquare workflow, you not only dispense with paper forms, but can also maintain your inventory data conveniently on site. The integration of SAP® master data provides significant added value.