Easysquare workflow

The mobile processes are frequently only partial steps in a higher level business process. For example, the final residential property inspection performed on site is one task in the entire tenant change process, for which numerous other tasks are required in SAP®, for example ending the rental contract or managing the potential tenants for a new rental.

With easysquare workflow, you can control your processes in SAP® intelligently and easily – with a clear and intuitively operable application that adapts to your processes.

All process steps, such as sending of the digital form from SAP® to the easysquare platform, are performed using the easysquare workflow. In a simple and flexible process screen that guides employees through the processes with individual process steps, you always retain an overview of the processing status of the entrie business process.

Whether arranging an appointment for the final inspection or checking the new master data – a single thread guides you through the entire process.

Seamless integration of mobile data into the ERP system with easysquare workflow

Integration into the ERP system

Through the connection of SAP® to the easysquare platform, process steps in SAP® automatically send the forms; processing is via mobile devices on site followed by return delivery to SAP® for incoming processing. Master data, e.g. property and tenant data or equipment features, are already available in the digital form. Data that was recorded during the on-site appointment is automatically integrated into SAP®. A confirmation dialogue allows prior checking and represents a separate process step.

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process steps in SAP automatically send the forms