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If you ask Jens Kramer, CEO of PROMOS consult, about the birth of easy­square, the story starts like this: in a meeting with the managing director of ProPotsdam in 2010, the idea was born for an app on the iPad to replace the many paper-based forms a real estate manager needs to work with every day. We developed this idea up to product maturity.

Today, the easy­square platform is by far the largest stand-alone installation for mobile processes in the German real estate business.
Hintergrundgeschichte von easy­square
Erfolgsgeschichte der easy­square Marke von PROMOS consult

But one thing at a time...

What was already common practice at banks and telephone companies even back then – transferring documents electronically – was still in its infancy in the real estate industry. This despite the fact that real estate was an industry riddled like almost no other with paper-based business processes. Everything from communication with service providers in facility management to correspondence with tenants involved the exchange of documents and paper forms.

Where other industries had already introduced electronic delivery chains and networked ERP systems, the real estate business was still relying on fax machines and postal deliveries. A real drain on time and resources.

At the right moment

This meant it was high time to act – a digital networking solution was desperately needed. Based on the IT experience that it had gathered in the housing industry over more than a decade, PROMOS consult set out to revolutionise the market. The digitisation success story had begun...

Meticulous development work followed, and pilot projects were implemented and refined with customers. The drive to digitise is increasing relentlessly; many proptech businesses are recognising the demand and seeking to enter this growing market. easy­square has been a proptech company with a difference throughout its ten-year history. We are here for the players in the professional real estate business with our experience and expertise and inspire with our innovations.

Now a new chapter has begun: our app family translates our experience of working with large customers into practical solutions for the entire real estate market – everyone from the smallest management companies to amateur users. Read about it for yourself:

easy­square ist eine digitale Cloudlösung, mit der alle am immobilienwirtschaftlichen Prozess Beteiligten miteinander vernetzt werden.

The app family

A new era of digitisation began in 2019. The easy­square app family is taking real estate management to a new level. The cloud solution connects all user groups – managers, landlords, tenants, owners, craftsmen and neighbours.

easy­square is continuing to set benchmarks here. Every user in the real estate industry can find a framework to match:

White label apps

Mobile Unternehmensprozesse steuern und vernetzen mit der easy­square Professional App
Die Eigentümer-App ist speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Wohnungseigentümern und ihren Verwaltungen zugeschnitten.

White label apps

With the white label apps, everything from the functional scope to the co-branding can be individually customised. Based on the modular concept, a host of function modules can be combined and expanded. This allows companies to effectively digitise their processes with customer-specific solutions.

easy­square apps

easy­square apps

Since 2020, easy­square has covered the needs of every actor in the real estate business – with the ready-to-run apps, it’s easy to get started immediately. They provide a sophisticated range of functions that support the complete digitisation of professional real estate management. Their easy operation and modern design are impressive. With innovative and effective functions, the apps simplify the day-to-day management of properties.

Den Wohnungsbestand einfach digital verwalten mit der Verwalter-App von easy­square
Digitale Kundenkommunikation mit der mein²-App von easy­square
Die Marktplatz-App bietet für Handwerker und Dienstleister alle Möglichkeiten, um Aufträge digital zu bearbeiten.

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