The insurance portal – have claims checked directly by the insurance provider

The insurance portal provides a simple solution for checking insurance claims and for claims settlement.

The simple solution for managing insurance claims

Damage to a property can happen at any time – intentionally or unintentionally. As soon as a tenant reports damage, a whole range of processes are initiated. With the insurance portal, the entire process chain can be mapped, from the report to the claim settlement. Cost-effective and time-saving handling is essential when processing insurance claims, and the web-based insurance portal from easy­square was developed especially for this purpose.

Das Versicherungsportal ist die einfache Lösung zum Management von Versicherungsfällen
All insurance claims at a glance
You can see all insurance claims including their status in a clear layout – digitally in a single location.
No data redundancy
All those involved in the process access the same data. The data is transferred directly from your SAP® system.
Collaboration between multiple process participants
Brokers, insurance providers or surveyors – all those involved work together in the same portal with individual authorisations.
Automated checking
The fully automated checking cube provides you with information on the insurance status within a short time and sends this back to your SAP® system. Manual checking is no longer necessary.
Die Oberfläche des Versicherungsportals wird in einem modernen und übersichtlichen Kacheldesign dargestellt.

Everything at a glance

The interface of the insurance portal is displayed in a modern and clear tile design with variable colours that can be adapted to your corporate design, for example. Various jumps can be stored in the image carousel (to a company website, training documents, etc.) in accordance with your requirements. Jumps to certain areas of the app using deep links are also possible. So there are many different ways to individually customise the insurance portal.

Effiziente Prozesse durch SAP-Integration und integrierte Versicherungsprüfung im Versicherungsportal von easy­square

Efficient processes thanks to SAP® integration and integrated insurance check

The insurance claims are recorded in your SAP® system. The recorded cases are then collectively transmitted to the insurance portal where the most important information can be viewed in a compact and clear form. Thanks to an automatic comparison of the insurance notifications with the stored contracts, the insurance status is also directly shown.

Versicherungsstatus durch automatischen Prüfwürfel im Versicherungsportal von easy­square

Lightning-fast insurance status thanks to automated checking cube

Often, a time-consuming check is needed to find out whether a property or damage is actually insured at all. With the insurance portal checking cube, this check can be performed easily at lightning speed. The checking cube compares the stored insurance contracts with the details of the damage and sets the corresponding status fully automatically.

Übersichtliche und intuitive Rechnungsbearbeitung im Versicherungsportal

Clear and intuitive invoice processing

With the insurance portal, checking invoices goes from being a time-consuming, painstaking task to a quick and easy exercise. The incoming invoices are saved in the insurance notification as an attachment and can be checked and approved in just a few clicks. If an invoice does not meet the requirements, it can be returned to the issuer with a corresponding comment and request for correction.

Stichproben von Versicherungsfällen können effizient und individuell im Versicherungsportal gezogen werden

Perform efficient and individual random checks of insurance claims

When there are a large number of rental objects, damage also occurs more frequency. To improve monitoring of claims, a sample of all invoices can be additionally checked to identify irregularities. This random sample check can be designed entirely individually – you can freely select the type and proportion of invoices sampled.

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