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The administrator app

For real estate managers, it is always important to combine cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The administrator app makes this more efficient than ever before.

Digital administration made easy

The administrator app with the mobile app and web app for PCs is specially configured to meet the mobile requirements of administrators.

Digitise day-to-day operations and do away with stacks of paper. Whether it’s your own portfolio or management for a third party – the digital desk is always with you.

All processes now come together centrally and digitally – from the change of tenant and inspection as part of legal safety regulations to placing rental advertisements online.

As all master data is available, every process step can be recorded and further processed digitally. This creates transparency between all those involved and between the various processes.

Fully digital, paperless marketing of units is made possible. Ads can be placed online on any rental platform at the click of a mouse and applicants managed in the app.

Customer communication can also be handled more efficiently. Building information, documents or appointments can be sent to tenants, owners, or potential tenants digitally with ease. Reduce phone calls and incoming e-mails from tenants to a minimum and receive customer requests such as service or defect reports via the mysquare app.

Make your service for owners even more professional and digitise COA administration with the administrator app. You can send invitations to owners’ meetings or receive defect reports conveniently via the administrator app. Customers always have an overview of their property.

A must-have for every management company!

Digitale Immobilienverwaltung mit der easy­square Verwalter-App
Digital desk
No more paper
Master data in the app
View all data while on site
Assign employees online
Change of tenant on a tablet
Digitise forms

An overview of functions

The Work basket, Real estate, Organisation and Messages services are available in the administrator app.
Der Arbeitskorb in der Verwalter-App ist der digitale Schreibtisch inklusive digitaler Umlaufmappe und Papierkorb.

Work basket

The work basket is the digital desk, including a digital circulation folder and digital waste basket. This is where the day-to-day operations take place. Forms can be processed and sent or the apartment renovation process initiated.

Im Dienst Immobilien der Verwalter-App werden gemäß gif-Datenstandard die Stammdaten hinterlegt.

Real estate

The Real estate service is where the master data is stored in accordance with the gif data standard. This data can be maintained manually as required or conveniently added to the administrator app via data import. You can access all master data via the Desk. With this link, it is no longer necessary to complete forms or add the address or tenant name by hand.

For COA administration, this data is stored in a separate service. This allows you to view and process condominium administration separately from individual property administration.

easy­square consumption billing

EXAD 2.0 - Die Software für die Heiz- und Verbrauchskostenabrechnungen - kann nahtlos in die Verwalter-App eingebunden werden.
A new service from easy­square:

The software for heating and consumption cost statements

Benefit from an efficient and highly integrative solution for self-determined billing. The easy­square consumption billing (EXAD 2.0) enables properties to be billed in accordance with the German ordinance on the consumption-based billing of heating and hot water costs (HKVO) and VDI 2077 as well as allocation of the costs incurred in the provision of drinking water. At the same time, it allows simple connection to third-party systems as well as device management and mobile data entry on site using the easy­square professional app.
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EXAD 2.0 - Die Software für die Heiz- und Verbrauchskostenabrechnungen - kann nahtlos in die Verwalter-App eingebunden werden.
Die Organisationsstruktur und Teams können über die Verwalter-App einfach abgebildet werden.


Structure your administration tasks and your team in an easy and clear manner. The form templates enable text – in minutes of meetings, rental contracts, etc. – to be individually amended. Catalogue entries for furnishing features, trades, defects, etc. can be maintained in the “Catalogues” section. Contacts can be assigned to a group. As an administrator within your own organisation, you can send contact requests for employees.

Pinnwandfunktion in der Verwalter-App von easy­square

Bulletin board

Different groups can be reached and contacted using the bulletin board. Be it the caretaker team, owners in a condominium owners association or tenants of a property – you can send information to exactly the right target group.

In the mysquare app, the bulletin board can provide digital support for the display case in the building’s entrance hall. Simply post information and reduce the flood of e-mails.

FAQs regarding the administrator app

With which ERP system can I use the administrator app?

The administrator app can be used with any ERP system. There is no classic interface to your system. Instead, data is exchanged based on Excel. This allows you to decide for yourself how often master data should be updated and to use exported data as required. This means it is even possible to use the administrator app autonomously in the background, i.e. entirely without an ERP system, and still utilise all the functions.

Until now I have maintained my real estate data in Excel. Do I have to enter the data in the administrator app manually?

To save you time, a master data import feature is available in the administrator app. This allows you to enter your master data directly via an upload. To do so, simply upload your Excel file using the master data import function and your master data will appear in the administrator app.

Can all users see my data?

There is a default administrator user for you. This user has special rights and can, for example, specify who can see which data. You can specify for various teams or individual contacts who has which read or right authorisations.

Can I complete a change of tenant entirely digitally using the administrator app without having to enter any data manually?

Of course. The forms for residential property inspections and handovers can be stored for your employees under Templates according to your criteria. As long as your master data was already uploaded to the administrator app in advance, all the necessary data regarding the tenancy is added to the form at a click. With the tenant’s legally compliant digital signature, the form can even be sent to the tenant on site as an e-mail.

Can I use the administrator app offline?

Certain functions are also available in offline mode. For example, offline editing of a form already stored in your digital desk is straightforward. You can then send it to an external e-mail address later when you are back online.

Can I save my own design in the administrator app?

It is easy to add your logo and footer to your documents from the administrator app so you can print your forms as a PDF. If you would like extensive co-branding, feel fee to take a look at our co-branding apps.

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