easy­square Handwerker-App

The craftsmen portal

The mobile solution for easy organisation and processing of your orders. Process-optimised, transparent and time-saving.

Advantages for your work process

The mobile craftsmen portal allows customers and contractors to process services electronically from the submission of offers to ordering and billing.

Seamless integration into existing purchasing processes optimises workflows and significantly reduces the manual workload. The broad service spectrum includes the exchange of orders through to saving framework contracts or unit price agreements.

Einfache Verwaltung von Aufträgen und Monteuren in der easy­square Handwerker App
Paper-free processes
Fast, digital order processing – even while on the go
Time savings
Significant reduction in the time required for invoice processing and supplier maintenance
All the jobs offered and ordered, including their status, at a glance
Service orientation
Rapid exchange of information independently of office hours and opening times

The most important features briefly explained in a video

See here how easy and effective order management can be.
The easy­square craftsmen portal – an overview of the key features
Tips and tricks for how you can make clever use of the easy­square craftsmen portal
How does mobile order processing work with easy­square? An overview of the process

Many new possibilities

Enjoy the following benefits:
  • Easy and fast operation without any paper handling – even while on the go
  • Overview of all jobs offered and ordered with comprehensive status information
  • Effortless organisation of your submitted orders
  • Arrange appointments or ask questions easily via a chat function
  • Reduced time for invoice processing
  • Exchange information independently of opening times and office hours

The insurance portal

Die Oberfläche des Versicherungsportals wird in einem modernen und übersichtlichen Kacheldesign dargestellt und kann an das Corporate Design des Unternehmens angepasst werden.
A new service from easy­square:

The perfect complement to the craftsmen portal

The insurance portal allows insurers to electronically handle the entire reimbursement process, from receipt of the defect report to storage of the invoice. As all the individual maintenance invoices with craftsmen are combined into one insurance notification, the entire process for handling insurance cases is presented transparently.
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Die Oberfläche des Versicherungsportals wird in einem modernen und übersichtlichen Kacheldesign dargestellt und kann an das Corporate Design des Unternehmens angepasst werden.

How does the order management work?

The craftsmen portal reduces the effort for order management to a minimum. Trade companies can use the portal to accept the orders submitted to them, document implementation and send them back to the customer. Integration into SAP® ensures that information is exchanged seamlessly.

When a service needs to be performed, the real estate company sends the job to be awarded to the trade company from their SAP® system. The craftsman can log in to the craftsmen portal conveniently on a PC or on a mobile device using the app and decide whether to accept or decline the order. The order contains all the key information and can be printed out as a data sheet if required.

A chat function allows easy and direct communication with both the ordering party and the tenant. Appointments can be coordinated and queries regarding the order or invoice clarified. New messages are displayed both in the inbox on the easy­square platform and on the mobile terminal devices as push notifications.

Negotiated unit price arrangements can be stored as service specifications in the craftsmen portal. You have flexible control over which orders are assigned to which service specification. When entering the services performed, the ordering party accesses the relevant service specifications assigned to the order.

After carrying out the order, the services provided are registered in the craftsmen portal and sent back to the ordering party’s SAP® system. They can confirm the provision of the services, and the invoicing process then follows automatically. In this way, all steps are digitalised and seamlessly integrated into the ordering party’s SAP® system.

The mobile craftsmen portal with easy­square: process-optimised, transparent and time-saving.

Unternehmensindividuelle Anpassungen in der Handwerker-App zum Beispiel mit Bannerkarussell

Individual look for your craftsmen app

The craftsmen app can be adapted to your company’s corporate design specifications on a customer-specific basis. From the company logo and the banner carousel through to the colours of your forms – our co-branding guide describes all the available design options for customising your craftsmen app.

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