Invoice consumption with ease

Benefit from an efficient and highly integrative solution for company-specific invoicing. The easy­square consumption billing (EXAD 2.0) allows properties to be billed in accordance with the German ordinance on the consumption-based billing of heating and hot water costs (HKVO). In addition, it provides a function for allocating the costs incurred in the provision of drinking water.

Ensures billing in accordance with HKVO and VDI 2077
All relevant master and transaction data in one location
Automated procedure for estimating meter reading values (replacement value creation)
User and consumption group billing
End-to-end plausibility and error check
Mobile network and also available in the portal
Needs-based device management
Standardised Cooperative for Heat and Water Costs Distribution (ARGE) data exchange
SAP® integration
Pipe heat correction in accordance with VDI 2077

We are introducing: consumption billing with easy­square

Benefit from an efficient and highly integrative solution for self-determined billing.
The easy­square consumption billing (EXAD 2.0) is a highly integrative software from the app family for company-specific billing of heating and hot water costs as well as for allocating the costs incurred in the provision of drinking water. The easy-to-use tool can be integrated seamlessly into your SAP® landscape. At the same time, it allows simple connection to third-party systems as well as device management and mobile data entry on site using the professional app. In this way, all the components in use are combined in a way that does away with pens and paper and the frequent information losses and added workload they involve.
Verwaltung von Stamm- und Bewegungsdaten für einen durchgängigen Abrechnungsprozess

Managing master data and transaction data

All data relevant for billing purposes can be managed and maintained in the module. Here, we are bringing together things that belong together. Linking the housing industry structure from the ERP system together with the technical view of the field level allows end-to-end processes, from the operating cost statement right through to a change of mobile device.

Modulare Prüfverfahren unterstützen den Abrechnungsprozess mit EXAD 2.0

Modular checking procedures

To support the workflow and ensure that a user is working correctly, the solution provides the option of checking master data and transaction data for errors and inconsistencies. Modular analysis procedures are available for every process step as well as an end-to-end checking method before the final creation of the invoice. In addition, the transaction data, such as meter reading values, consumption and costs, are compared. The results of this comparison procedure can be prepared based on individually specified threshold values.

More information

EXAD 2.0 - Die Software für die Heiz- und Verbrauchskostenabrechnung
Self-determined billing processes thanks to EXAD 2.0:

How does the easy­square consumption billing work?

User workflows – mobile processes – ERP integration

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EXAD 2.0 - Die Software für die Heiz- und Verbrauchskostenabrechnung
Verbrauchskosten einfach selbst abrechnen mit EXAD 2.0

Invoice consumption costs with ease

After data maintenance and the successful plausibility check, it’s time to create the bill itself – naturally this is automated and subsequently integrated into the ERP system. In the same step, service fees are determined from your price list. These are included in the bill depending on the required allocation procedure and can be retrieved in a separate document.

Die mobile Gerätedatenerfassung inklusive der Integration in das jeweilige ERP-System des Wohnungsunternehmens ist schnell, effizient und funktioniert ohne Medienbrüche.

Mobile data entry

The mobile entry of device data, including integration into the housing company’s ERP system, is fast, efficient and seamless. Service providers and the engineers replacing devices can also be coordinated digitally. The feedback to the company is therefore provided straight after mobile order processing on site, with no loss of information.

Energy Efficiency Directive

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