easy­square Mieter-App

The app for all tenants

Digital communication for the perfect service experience. Control all your tenant processes through a single app. Paperless. Direct. Easy.

Everything in one place

The tenant app is the perfect solution for direct contact with your tenants. The digital service offering – combined in a single solution – provides clear process advantages and makes the tenant app a remarkable tool for professional real estate management.
  • Contract service
    Direct display of contract details
  • Message service
    Simple submission of damage and service notifications
  • Document service
    Selected documents are displayed directly from SAP®
  • Bulletin board function
    Important information and news specific to the building are published in the app
  • Complete SAP® integration
    Real-time data matching and archive connection for the provision of documents
Größtmögliche Kundenzufriedenheit und messbare Effizienzsteigerung mit der easy­square Mieter-App
Self-service functions save processing time
Processing statuses for notifications eliminate the need for follow-up enquiries
Chat function in the SAP® system simplifies communication
Tenants and tradesmen can make appointments
Sämtliche Sachverhalte wie Schäden können Mieter im Handumdrehen über die App melden.

Submitting notifications

Tenants can report all issues in no time via the app. The processing involved is simple and intuitive. The app leads the tenant through relevant selection catalogues oriented towards specific tenant needs. This eliminates the confusion and overwhelming nature of long lists and complicated click paths. Required documents or photos can be requested directly in the forms depending on the situation. Everything necessary for further processing is thus already available.

Mit der Pinnwandfunktion in der Mieter-App bleiben Mieter immer auf dem Laufenden zu Neuigkeiten, Hausordnungen oder Informationen zum neuen Hausmeister

Always up to date

From news to house rules or information on a new caretaker – the latest updates are made available immediately in the app. Administration and maintenance are conducted independently by the real estate company and content can be published for each building or accounting entity or across the entire portfolio. As soon as new information is created for a specific building, every tenant who uses the app receives an automatic push notification or e-mail. This ensures that important information does not go unnoticed.

Papierlose Dokumentenzustellung in der Mieter-App von easy­square

Paperless document provision

All documents frequently used in tenant communication are available in the app through an interface with SAP®. You can freely choose which documents are displayed for how long and at what time. Traditional letters are also replaced by the display of mandatory-delivery documents with a confirmation dialogue. Two-factor authentication prevents data from ending up in the wrong hands. We guarantee the legal compliance of our paperless delivery through an opinion provided by a law firm under its own liability.


Digitales Quartiersmanagement mit der meinKiez-App
Digital district management:


The neighbourhood function from “myhood” is the perfect complement to the tenant app. Here users have the ability to advertise or search for products or services. Whether offering help with shopping, advertising a running group or looking for a used tricycle – there has never been such an easy or efficient way to interact with neighbours and connect with local service providers.
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Digitales Quartiersmanagement mit der meinKiez-App
Nahtlose SAP-Integration mit easy­square workflow

Seamless SAP® integration with easy­square workflow

Entire app user processes can be efficiently controlled and managed in the housing company’s SAP® system. All open processing steps within the app are clearly visible through multiple filter criteria. A standard feature within these processes is the chat function, which allows questions to be cleared up quickly. The targeted processor finding in easy­square workflow always sends the tenant app processes directly to the responsible processor. This eliminates the extra work caused by forwarding and assigning to multiple people.

Individueller Look der Mieter-App dank umfangreichen Co-Branding Leitfaden

Individual look for your tenant app

The tenant app can be adapted to your corporate design specifications and is presented in the app stores with your company’s aesthetic. From the app icon to the logo and colours and all the way to the banner carousel – our co-branding guide describes all the design options available for individually customising your app.

Energy Efficiency Directive

Save costs and protect the climate:

What tenants need to know about the EED

Saving energy in our homes saves valuable resources and also contributes to climate protection. This is why the EU has committed to greater energy efficiency with its Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). Check out our summary to find out what tenants need to know about the EED and what changes are coming your way.
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FAQs regarding the tenant app

Can users address certain issues independently through the tenant app?

Tenants can use the app for certain requests themselves, such as a certification of the rental amount or an application to keep a pet, and automatically receive these documents in the app without the need for manual checks. The wealth of information made available in the tenant app from the master data can also prevent follow-up enquiries.

Who can tenants contact in the event of a problem?

Tenants can notify our support team through a contact form if they experience technical problems with the app. For specific problems regarding the contractual relationship or other enquiries, tenants should contact the real estate company through a message in the tenant app.

Is the tenant app available in my corporate design?

Yes, the tenant app can be adapted to a customer-specific design (co-branding). The name of the app, the names of the different areas, colours, the background image and the icons can all be freely configured.

Is the tenant automatically notified of changes made in SAP®?

Yes, changes in the SAP® system automatically appear in the tenant app. In message processing, for instance, processing progress is updated in the app so that tenants always know the processing status of their requests.

What terminal devices are suitable for the tenant app?

The tenant app is provided for Android and iOS devices as standard and can also be used via a browser.

Is the tenant app available in other languages as well?

Yes, the tenant app is available in other languages. We can provide an English version of the tenant app, and individual screens in the German version of the tenant app can be automatically translated into various languages at the click of a button.

How does the activation or onboarding for the tenant app work?

In order to use all the digital services of your landlord’s tenant app without restrictions, you’ll need to register in advance and then sign in with an individual activation code. Our onboarding process is designed to protect your personal data and is quickly completed in just a few steps. All information about onboarding can be found at https://www.easy­square.com/onboarding/.

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