mein² - Die App für Ihre Kunden

mysquare – the app for your customers

With the administrator app, you can digitise not only your everyday working life, but also communication with your customers.

Every aspect of the apartment

Whether tenants, potential tenants or owners – with mysquare, you can reach all your customers through a single app.

From defect reports and service requests all the way to contractual documents – standardise your communication path digitally with ease. In addition to contact with apartment or COA administrators, customers can also network within their neighbourhoods, strengthening the community feeling in their districts.

Ob Interessent, Mieter oder Eigentümer - mit der mein²-App erreichen Sie alle Kunden.
Digital inbox
Cut back on paper letters and documents
Managing potential tenants
Constant access to all digital documents
Contract data always on hand
Contracts or documents available online
Contacting the COA
Provide information with one click
Ganz einfach vom Interessenten zum Mieter in der mein²-App von easy­square

From potential to confirmed tenants

Once apartment hunters have found your ad on a networking platform, they can apply through the mysquare app. The completely paperless rental process provides you an overview of all the information you need on potential tenants and allows you to compare them in the administrator app. Communication is thus simple and digital. Once you have selected a potential tenant and finalised the rental contract, the tenant can view all information on the tenancy in the mysquare app.

Diensteübersicht mit Verträge, Schadensmeldung und Service in der mein²-App

Tenants have all the information they need at a glance

With the mobile apartment handover, the tenant can directly register for the mysquare app and activate the tenant services. From a defective doorbell to a simple name change – the mysquare app digitises all communication between you and your tenants. The easy and legally secure digital provision of documents in the app also saves you postage costs. Reduce the flood of e-mails and phone calls while also maintaining an overview of your processes.

WEG-Verwalter können mit der mein²-App ganz einfach ihre Eigentümer digital erreichen.

Keeping an eye on your property

You can also reach your owners digitally as a COA administrator. Invitations to a COA meeting or questions regarding administration contributions – the mysquare app allows owners to send COA administrators defect reports or service requests regarding their property in digital form, meaning they don't need to worry about business hours. What’s more, all information and documents relating to the condominium or COA can be accessed in the app.

Neighbourhood networking

Digital networking is becoming an ever bigger part of everyday life. Why not also make new social contacts within the neighbourhood? The neighbourhood services in the mysquare app can be used by all neighbours. Simply register and start networking with people in the area. Whether organising a street party or finding a babysitter – promoting a feeling of togetherness in your own neighbourhood has never been so easy.
  • Communicate with ease
    All contract information is combined in one place, from where you can jump straight to digital communication with your customers.
  • Stay connected
    Stay up to date with the bulletin board and bring the display case in the building hallway into the apartment digitally.
  • Reduce post and e-mails

    Receive enquiries in a structured manner and send documents directly in the mysquare app – all without any printing or postage costs.

FAQs regarding the mysquare app

How can I ensure that only the right tenant or owner receives access to their respective data?

The tenant or owner must specifically activate the relevant services for themselves. This requires an activation code that you consciously generate and send to the tenant or owner in the manner of your choosing.

Can tenants view the documents in their customer record from our system?

You determine which documents from the customer record are displayed in the mysquare app. Tenants can thus have direct access to an operating cost statement or the rental contract as needed. Correspondence conducted in the mysquare app is, of course, always visible to the tenant in the mysquare app.

Can I reach individual owners or contact an entire COA at once?

You have both options. You can decide, depending on the situation or document, whether it is sent to the whole COA or only to one specific owner in the mysquare app.

Can documents and attachments be sent directly through the mysquare app?

Yes, this is a fundamental component of the mysquare app. For every type of message, whether defect report or service notification, users can attach documents required for processing. You thus have all the information combined in a single message. If something is missing, documents and attachments can easily be sent later via the chat function.

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