Co-branding for white label apps

You can easily create your own communication app for your company with the easy­square white label apps. You specify the corporate design and we’ll adapt the app to accommodate your wishes and needs. In this way, your app will fit in perfectly with your digital service range.

One app, many faces

Individuality thanks to co-branding and own services

Do you want to reach your customers or employees via mobile apps too? If you use easy­square, you have a universal cloud solution at your disposal with which you can substantially facilitate communication between tenants, administrators, service providers and many other parties. You benefit from the expertise that we have gained from more than 20 years in the real estate industry. As a white label solution, the easy­square apps give you the opportunity to tailor them precisely to accommodate your wishes and requirements – from the range of functions through to co-branding. So our app becomes your app!

  • High degree of recognition and consistency in how you present yourself
  • A win-win situation thanks to the expertise of experienced industry experts
  • Tailored services for special requirements
You tell us about your ideas and we’ll listen attentively.
As soon as all the data is available, development can begin.
You can thoroughly test the app before rolling it out.
Your own app powered by easy­square appears in the App Store or on Google Play.

Individual look for your app

Which co-branding elements can be individualised?

Easy­square wraps the app in your personal corporate identity. Co-branding involves numerous individual elements and, of course, also decisions. For this reason, easy­square puts its own designers at your disposal to support you in the process and provide you with advice.

Colours? As colourful as you want

Colours are one of the most important characteristics in making an app your app. You are therefore free to choose the primary colour for your app. With a view to readability and also contrast, we recommend defining both a dark version and a light version of your primary colour. This decision will be extremely important later in the process for the forms. In addition, your choice of colour has an effect on how you present your services in the app. You can define whether all services are to appear in a single standard colour, in colour variations or in a whole range of different colours – as colourful as a rainbow.

Tiles? A square for your features

It’s up to you to decide on the features of your app! All services will be presented in what we call “service tiles”, which can be opened to reveal more functions. However, you can determine not only what components you want in terms of content, but also what they look like. Numerous attributes – from the title, icon and colour for a service through to the tile size on a smartphone and the style of corners (rounded or not) – can be designed flexibly and customer-specifically.

Widgets? Performance in your app

The little all-rounders may also be a good addition to your app. They can provide an interactive preview of your company’s static or dynamic content, thus leading to an even better user experience. Would you like to provide your customers with an event tip, for example? Or would you like to present the latest consumption figures to your tenants? Using flexible widgets, you can share the information in the app in just a few steps. The possibilities are limitless.

Banners? More than just eye-catchers

You can do even more than determine the text and colours! Using the banner carousel you can also draw attention to your company’s individual areas, websites, documents, forms and videos. The colourful images are thus not only real eye-catchers, but also impressive all-round talents. If required, the carousel can be run automatically to ensure that your customers or employees don’t miss anything.

FAQs on co-branding

How long does it take to implement co-branding?

The implementation depends greatly on a customer’s individual wishes and modifications. A simple standard execution can be made available to you for testing in the space of just a few days, before the app is actually released.

Why does my app need co-branding? What are the advantages?

There are many reasons why co-branding may make sense. We will just name a few here. For example, the personalisation of your app signals trustworthiness to your users if the app is seen to be reputable and is associated with you. The recognition of typical corporate colours, your name and your company logo make users more ready to accept the app and store data there.

How can I incorporate my corporate design into my app? What options are available for my company?

From the app icon and landing page to the intro slides, easy­square provides a wide range of options for customising your app and incorporating your corporate design. Even with a very small degree of individualisation, you can at least adapt the app to your company-specific colours and add your company logo. Here’s an extract from our co-branding guide:

• Primary and secondary colours

• App icon and icon set

• Swipe intro

• Registration and login

• Title image and banner carousel

• Overview of services

• Widgets

• Labels and texts

• Presentation in app stores

What resolution is required for my company logo?

We work with vector files (such as eps or svg). This enables us to ensure that your logo is always displayed in the optimum way on various devices – no matter what resolution the smartphone or laptop monitor have.

What colours can I choose from?

The most important decisions regarding the choice of colour for your app involve the primary colour with its light and dark variations and the secondary colours.

As a rule, the primary colour is your corporate colour and lays the foundations for the entire co-branding. You should therefore give this colour plenty of thought and not change it afterwards.

You can be more flexible with the colours for the services (secondary colours). In this case, you can also have colours changed or switch to new colour variants later on.

When choosing colours, you should always pay attention to contrast, readability and possible correlations in context (error messages in red, green for the status of successful, correct, etc.). But there’s no need to worry, as our designers have experience implementing a large number of customer-specific apps and will be there to support you in the co-branding process.

Can I adapt the images in the intro?

In a nutshell yes, you can adapt the intro images. The images for the swipe intro are integrated into the app directly when it is delivered. If you want to use intro images, just ask us! We will be happy to advise you.

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