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myhood – the neighbourhood app

Housing companies take on a huge social responsibility through district management. This is another area where digital solutions can offer enormous added value.

Classified ads
Securely post ads and requests in your own neighbourhood
Bulletin board
Digital exchange of information among all local residents in the neighbourhood
Strong community
Neighbours can arrange to meet for various indoor and outdoor activities
Local providers
Digital networking of local providers with local residents
Property search
Apply for open property listings directly in the neighbourhood

The neighbourhood goes digital

The easy­square platform provides digital solutions for local interactions within the neighbourhood.

For example, the consumer apps (tenant, owner, potential tenant) can incorporate a market place with linked offers or an exchange platform through which people can search for and offer things by category. If these community functions are also to target consumers with whom the property manager does not have a business relationship (i.e. not tenants, owners or potential tenants), the myhood app is available as a separate solution. This allows managers to support district management across portfolios and, for example, tenants and non-tenants to interact.

And if you’d like to grant your district an individual look – from the app icon and banner carousel all the way down to the colours – our co-branding guide describes all the available design options for customising your myhood app.

The white label apps

Get to know our apps that make real estate business processes easier for property managers, landlords, tenants, owners, potential tenants, craftsmen and neighbours:

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