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The professional app

The digital solution for professional real estate management – clear, user-friendly and effective.

Control and integrate company processes via mobile device

Many companies are currently focusing on mobile processes and their integration in the overall process.

With its innovative functions, the professional app demonstrably simplifies everyday work in professional real estate management. The easy­square app provides an intuitive and simple way for employees such as property managers, caretakers, craftsmen or service providers to control mobile processes on site using conventional devices. SAP® master data can be seamlessly integrated into mobile forms. This allows effective and intuitive processing of workflows such as safety precautions, change of tenant, defect reporting or rentals.

easy­square Professional für das iPhone
Seamless SAP® integration with the relevant master data
Customer-specific form templates for unplanned processes
Modern look and feel with customer-specific design options
Maximum ease of use on various terminal devices
Die Professional App mit einer Oberfläche im modernen Kacheldesign

Unbeatable look and feel

The interface has a clear and user-friendly appearance with a modern tile design. Links can be added to the image carousel that allow users to jump to external content (e.g. the company website) or contain a deep link to areas within the app (e.g. jump to a list of forms). This allows the app to be individually customised. The colour of the tiles can be changed and matched to your corporate design.

Mobile Prozesse mit der Professional App effizient bearbeiten mit nahtloser Integration ins SAP-System

Handle mobile processes efficiently with SAP® integration

Thanks to seamless SAP® integration, the mobile forms are prefilled with the most important master data. This includes furnishing features, business partner data and the assignment of inspection tasks to technical functional locations in the scope of legal safety regulations. The data recorded on a mobile device can also be rewritten to the SAP® system. Through the integration of easy­square workflow, the process remains transparent. Processor finding ensures that it is sent directly to the responsible processor’s mobile device.

Die Professional App ist nativ für iOS, Android und Windows oder als WebApp für den PC verfügbar

The professional app, native for iOS, Android and Windows or as a web app for PC

The professional app is native for iOS, Windows and Android. If you prefer to work on a PC, the web app is ideal and offers maximum ease of use.

Filter und Schnellsuche vereinfachen die Arbeit mit der Professional App

Filters and quick search

A filter form can be stored for every box to filter the forms according to specific criteria. These criteria can be saved as search versions. A quick search, which searches through all the fields within the form list, is also available as standard.

Formularvorlagen für ungeplante Prozesse in der Professional App

Form templates for unplanned processes

The app gives you the opportunity to provide individual form templates for unplanned processes that can then be completed spontaneously on site depending on the scope of application.

Push-Notifications erinnern an neue Aufgaben in der Professional App

Push notifications

Push notifications give reminders of new tasks even if the app is closed, for example if a new residential property inspection needs to be performed.

Die Integration von Reporting-Diensten in die Professional App stellt für Immobilieneigentümer und Investoren eine sinnvolle Ergänzung dar.


The integration of reporting services into the professional app is a sensible addition for real estate owners and investors. As well as important key performance indicators, information on the portfolio (for instance property master data, rental income, vacancy rates, tenant turnover and maintenance tasks) can be accessed conveniently in the app.

The default set up is for data to be retrieved via a data connection to the ERP system. However, alternative data sources such as Excel tables can also be used. Easy to implement, the reporting services provide an efficient alternative to complex, time-consuming evaluations.

FAQs regarding the professional app

For whom is the professional app intended?

The app is suitable for all users who want to complete mobile processes conveniently and in a structured way on a mobile terminal device. Typical users are property managers, landlords, caretakers or employees in the technical field.

What terminal devices does the professional app support?

The app supports all conventional terminal devices for iOS, Android (available from mid-September) and Windows. The app can also be used on desktop computers with the web app. For better readability and due to the size of the terminal device, we recommend using a tablet.

Can I connect my SAP® System to the professional app?

The app is optimised for an SAP® connection and the required master data can be transferred to the app. We recommend using easy­square workflow to send the forms between SAP® and the app based on processes and users and to continue working on the process in SAP®. A typical application example is the residential property inspection, in which the data recorded on a mobile device is processed further in SAP® when the inspection results in a maintenance procedure.

Which typical processes are handled using the professional app?

The most frequent application case is a change of tenant including an inspection and handover. Other typical uses are in legal safety regulations or defect reporting, with the option to spontaneously record the damage on site by selecting the functional locations. Less frequent use cases include time recording for caretaker tasks or mould inspections.

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