easy­square Vermieter-App

The app for landlords

The broker app is specially configured to meet the requirements of landlords. It digitises the rentals process and makes landlords’ day-to-day tasks easier.

Rentals made easy and efficient

The application is highly integrative and avoids media discontinuities. It is no longer necessary to use the SAP® transactions for potential tenant and offer management in day-to-day work.

An intuitive interface in the browser or mobile app simplifies work and ensures time and cost savings. When used in combination with the potential tenant app, a host of work steps can be outsourced to the applicant. The app for potential tenants can be used in the browser or made available as an iOS or Android app.

Vermietung von Immobilienobjekten mit der easy­square App für Vermieter
Standardised solution for the landlord or tenant market
Multiple updating unnecessary
All those involved in the process are brought together in a portal
Latest data from the SAP® system thanks to a continuous connection
Maximum efficiency with automated processes
Workload reduction through outsourcing of certain process steps to applicants in the potential tenant app
Terminkoordination über die Vermieter-App

Appointment booking

Landlords can specify appointments for the individual properties on the platform to help with their planning. When queries are received, they can invite the potential tenants to find an appointment. Potential tenants are given an overview of the available appointments and can then commit to one. This significantly reduces the time required for coordinating appointments. The potential tenant app is required for appointment coordination via the broker app. No native app in the app stores is required for the potential tenant app; a browser is sufficient. The professional user always has an overview of all booked and available appointments. The viewings can be saved as appointments in Outlook.

Objektfreigabe in der Vermieter-App für die Vermarktung der Objekte auf verschiedenen Kanälen, wie Interessenten-App oder externe Portale

Releasing properties

Marketing via different channels, such as the potential tenant app or external platforms, can be initiated with just a few clicks. The property data is transferred in a structured form and does not need to be entered manually. If changes are made in the broker app, the information is also updated on all marketing platforms. The automation eliminates potential sources of error and reduces manual effort to a minimum. Marketing via the potential tenant app, Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, Immonet and eBay classified ads is currently supported. Use of the potential tenant app can be integrated into any homepage via a jump. This makes complicated programming of a real estate search request and maintenance of the properties on the homepage unnecessary. Potential tenants jump from the homepage directly to the real estate search and can then apply for individual properties and maintain their personal data.

Die Vermieter-App kanalisiert Anfragen aus der Interessenten-App und den externen Portalen und bereitet diese strukturiert auf

Property request

The broker app channels requests from the potential tenant app and the external portals and prepares the potential tenants’ data in a structured way. The landlord can select an individual potential tenant and invite them to make an appointment for a viewing. In order to work in compliance with the GDPR, the potential tenants are requested to provide further data in a three-stage process. For initial queries, only the contact data is required. Following a successful viewing, the potential tenants can complete their individual self-disclosure form and provide further household information. Once the employee chooses an applicant, the potential tenant can be requested at a mouse-click to digitally upload further information on the easy­square platform or in the potential tenant app.

Die Vermieter-App beinhaltet eine Reihe festgelegter Kennzahlen zur Auswertung, wie Leerstandsquote oder gespeicherte Suchen von Interessenten


The standard broker app contains a host of fixed key performance indicators for reports. All reports can be filtered in the browser and exported in Excel format. Reports are available for the following topics:

  • Vacancies, requests, viewings
  • Offers and reservations
  • Saved searches by potential tenants
  • Key facts from the potential tenant app and applications

Potential tenant app

easysquarr Interessenten-App für eine einfache und komfortable Immobiliensuche
The feature for the broker app:

Property search requests made easy

In a separate application, potential tenants have the opportunity to search among all the company’s available units and send enquiries about specific listings to the company. Applicants only need to enter their details once and can choose to reuse them for other applications. Enquiries from external portals automatically generate a request to register in the potential tenant app. In this way, all requests are channelled, allowing structured preparation of the potential tenant data. This saves time and reduces media discontinuities.
request brochure
easysquarr Interessenten-App für eine einfache und komfortable Immobiliensuche
Individueller Look der Vermieter- und Interessenten-App dank Co-Branding

Individual look for your broker app

As white label apps, the broker and potential tenant apps can be adapted to the specifications of your corporate design so that they match your corporate identity. Everything from the name of the app to the logo and colours – our co-branding guide describes all the design options available for individually customising your app.

FAQs regarding the broker app

For whom is the broker app intended?

The app is suitable for all professional users who want to fully digitise their rentals. Existing processes can be performed on the platform conveniently without media discontinuities. Typical users are landlords, caretakers or other employees involved in the rental process.

Which terminal devices support the broker app?

The app was primarily developed for use in the web app. Processes that need to be completed on the go, such as viewings, are supported on all common terminal devices for iOS and Android. For better readability and due to the size of the terminal device, we recommend using the web app for everyday work and a tablet for mobile processes.

Can I connect my SAP® System to the broker app?

The broker app is optimised for an SAP® connection, and the required master data can be transferred to the platform. We recommend using easy­square workflow to create the offer data in the SAP® system as a business partner and rental contract.

What typical processes are handled using the broker app?

The broker app incorporates all the necessary processes for digital rentals. All steps can be completed conveniently on the platform – from marketing the properties and coordinating viewing appointments right through to conclusion of the rental contract.

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