Aktuelle Release Note zum 1. Quartal 2021 von easy­square
Kathrin Finn

What‘s next? Current release notes for easy­square

Always stay up-to-date on any extensions and changes – from performance, usability and security to co-branding. Today we are launching the regular release notes in our tech blog. The first quarter will see great features that make every user’s heart beat faster. Viewings held by the previous tenant, reviews of your services or rounded tiles? The latest releases for the easy­square app family can be found here.

The apps in our app family thrive on exchange and input with our customers. By implementing new ideas and requirements, we are constantly enhancing our easy­square solutions. You can look forward to the following features in our latest releases in the first quarter:

Selbstdrehendes Karussell in den easy­square Apps

Self-spinning carousel

In order to display more content to end users on their smartphones, an interval can be added to the image carousels. In this way, the next image appears completely automatically. When it reaches the end, the carousel rotates back to the beginning. The scroll function can be paused in order to view a post for longer.

Abgerundete Kanten der Dienstekacheln, Widgets und Buttons in den easy­square Apps

Rounded design

Do you think easy­square has too many rough edges? We can now change that. As part of your co-branding, you can round off service tiles, widgets and buttons with a predefined radius.

Wohnungsvermietung ohne SAP dank des neuen Moduls in der easy­square Verwalter-App

Apartment rental without SAP®

The administrator app has gained a new module. From now on, properties that you already maintain in the administrator app can be marketed via ImmoScout24. Your potential tenants are directed to the mysquare customer app, where they can apply for your properties.

Besichtigungen durch den Vormieter in der easy­square Vermietungslösung

Viewings held by the previous tenant

Reduce personal contacts by having the previous tenant hold viewings for the apartment to be rented out! Appointment are arranged directly between the potential tenant and the previous tenant.

Vermietung von Neubauobjekten in der easy­square Vermietungslösung

New building to rent

Is your new building already planned, but not yet recorded in the system? No problem! Our tool for new buildings allows you to use dummy objects to simulate new apartments, manage the rental and arrange consultation appointments.

Kundenbewertungen in den Kunden-Apps von easy­square

Rating hit or flop?

If you want to know what your customers think of your services, just ask them! You can now do so quite conveniently using the evaluation process in your customer app.

Further notes of the current release:

  • Improved performance in the search function: The search logic for catalogues has been fundamentally revised in the web app and now offers the possibility of quickly displaying the corresponding entries – even if the total number of items in the catalogue is 500,000.
  • Your logo as home button: Have you gone down several levels in a process in the web app and want to quickly return to the service overview? Activate the corresponding setting and all it takes is a click on the company logo in the top left-hand corner.
  • iOS minimum version 11: From now on, new versions of the iOS apps from easy­square require at least Version iOS 11 on the device. Apple no longer delivers iOS 11 for iPhone 5/5c and iPad 4 devices or older. You can find all the technical specifications for our apps here.

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