easy­square Release Note für Juli 2021
Kathrin Finn

Yay! We’ve got news for our users

The next easy­square release note 6.136 is on the way and will be bringing several updates scheduled to go live on 24 June 2021. With an improved search function and various optimisations in the display of landlord features, it provides plenty of material for our change log in the summer month of July.

We can hardly put into words how happy we are that our regular release notes have proven so popular with our users. Their feedback gives us good cause to continue pointing out newly activated features in the future. Check out the latest notes for July 2021: 

Such-Funktion in den easy­square Apps

You search, easy­square finds!

Where do I find the defect report form again? Is there any information in the app about rent control? To ensure that such questions do not go unanswered in the future, we recently launched a global search on the home screen. Depending on the configuration, it can search the entire app. The search results distinguish between services (tiles), form lists and pages. By default the function searches titles and some metadata. However, additional keywords can be added to help users find individual pages. The search function uses Elasticsearch, which automatically detects minor spelling errors and typos and still delivers the desired search result.

Activation: Customising and code implementation

Vergleichsdarstellung im Generic Style der easy­square Apps

Sophisticated comparison display thanks to Generic Style

Enough of apples and oranges: The  Generic Style is used in the easy­square app tool kit to get a quick comparison between similar properties. What are the application scenarios for this? One example is the comparison of deals associated with an offer. All deals refer to the same offer and can be compared according to their most important characteristics. This way, your users can easily keep track of complex decisions. 

Activation: Customising

Zielgruppenspezifische Kommunikation mit der easy­square Vermieter-App

A communication bull's eye

Are your properties as varied as the tenants living in them? Then do yourself a favour as a landlord and take your rental operations to a new, more professional level through target-group-specific communications according to the population or tenant structure. With the easy­square rental solution, it is now possible to configure e-mail information according to specific target group criteria. This enables you to optimise and round off communication with your prospects. 

Activation: Customising

Vereinbarte Termine im Fokus der Interessenten- bzw. Vermieter-App von easy­square

Saving the date: Highlighting booked appointments

Once a potential tenant has found their dream apartment in your housing stock and arranged an appointment for a viewing, the booked date appears for the selected object. To put the focus on the booked appointment, further possible appointments are made available separately in a different form.

Activation: Product standard

Optimierung des Suchverhaltens in den easy­square Apps

Changes for search behaviour

If a form list is empty or no entries could be found, both landlords and potential tenants now see the message “Sorry, we don’t currently have any matches for your search criteria”. The message that previously appeared stated “There are no forms here at the moment. The small red notifications will alert you to news.” The change now makes things much clearer for our users.

Activation: Product standard

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