easy­square Release Note 6.138 für September 2021
Kathrin Finn

Well, well, well! The release note for September is already here

Information is the be-all and end-all in an efficient partnership. Where’s the most recent correspondence with the property managers? How high are my actual monthly consumption values for heating? Or has the estate agent already looked at my exposé? – If the status can be clearly seen, questions like this answer themselves. With the current release note 6.138 for September 2021, we already announced a few useful communication features on 26 August 2021.
Vielseitige Widgets für die easy­square App Familie

Widgets? Reassuringly versatile

Our widgets in the easy­square apps are flexible and versatile. The little boxes of tricks permit easy handling and quick access to information, for example a preview of current consumption values in the tenant app or important KPIs for rentals. The display of consumption values is an excellent example of how we are continuously and successfully developing our products thanks to our customers. From now on, you can display any data in your easy­square app via widgets. Let’s go!

Activation: Customising

Lesebestaetigung in den easy­square Formularen

On request: Status certainty

Has the estate agent actually looked at the exposé? Whether you’re dealing with a contract conclusion or an important viewing appointment, sometimes you need quick feedback and the reassurance that certain information has been seen. We have the solution in a read receipt for our forms: when the user exits the form, a pop-up asking for consent to send a read receipt is displayed. This is then defined e.g. in the marketing order for the landlord. Check and carry on!

Activation: Form design + development

Posteingangsbestätigung in der easy­square Mieter-App

The inbox knows

As a tenant, do you manage all correspondence with your landlord digitally using the easy­square tenant app? If so, it would be a shame if all the correspondence with your property managers wasn’t accessible there too. The easy­square tenant app now notifies users about all postal correspondence that is received. This way, you have the complete history on one device.

Activation: Customising

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