easy­square Release Note 6.140 für November 2021
Kathrin Finn

Security matters! The November release focuses on the security of your easy­square apps

Many elements of our lives are now conducted over the Internet. And we’re not just talking about working from home or streaming a favourite TV show; every day, mobile apps help us pay at the checkout, open our car or control our building technology. These are all application scenarios that require absolute security – otherwise there is the risk of data, control and trust being lost. Our release note 6.140, planned for 28 October 2021, is therefore devoted to the security of our easy­square products.
Web-Application-Firewall für die easy­square App Familie

No way through for intruders

Security leak? Not with easy­square! We are starting pentesting for our easy­square applications on 1 November 2021. These penetration tests are simulated attacks from external and internal sources to test the security of web applications, apps and infrastructures and pinpoint any weaknesses – before anyone else does. In the future, we will be periodically conducting appropriate measures to ensure our systems are and remain secure. At the moment, the production system is currently being thoroughly checked by an established security provider, because security is absolutely essential for us.

Penetrationtests für die Infrastruktur der easy­square App Familie

WAF to replace reverse proxy

Do you sometimes get the feeling that the Internet is a bit like the Wild West? Our IT team has installed a new Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect against unwanted access, crawlers and bots. Tests to date have ensured that the WAF does not restrict the functionality of running applications. The new firewall protects our systems against known weak points by monitoring and filtering traffic and blocking certain requests. So watch out – there’s a new sheriff in town!

Druckvorschau vom Interessentenformular in der easy­square Vermieter-App

So handy! Print preview for rentals

A print preview can really come in handy. Regardless of how complex your form for potential tenants is, all the key information is formatted as a clear and compact PDF. This means you can then quickly process this document in various ways, for example to send, print or archive it. At the touch of a button or tap of a finger,  landlords can now display potential tenant data in an uncluttered manner. Have fun testing our new push-button ;-)

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