easy­square Release Note 6.143 für den Februar 2022
Kathrin Finn

A good resolution for 2022! We’re kicking things off with the release note for February

Veganuary, Dry January or Red January – which challenge are you starting the year with in January? Our list here at easy­square is quite long. We plan on staying true to our resolution all year and advancing the digital networking of the real estate industry… paving the way, as we always tend to do. First step: announcing our release note for February, which will deliver useful features for landlords, tenants and potential tenants on 27 January 2022 with API 6.143.
Optimierung der Bildfolge im Onboarding-Prozess für die easy­square Kunden-App für Mieter und Eigentümer

One-way, exclusively for tenants

Certain services in the customer app are reserved exclusively for tenants. After registration, the app is still a clean slate with no contractual conditions or documents, but it does have apartment listings and an apartment search function. Users will need an activation code from their housing company in order to fill the app with their own contract data. However, activation codes can only be issued for existing leases. Everyone else, such as those looking for an apartment, will have to turn around and go back. We’ve optimised and simplified the image sequence in the app to avoid misdirected applications and make it even easier to request an activation code. There’s no more room for dead ends in onboarding!

Activation: Product standard

Integration der Hausinfo in der generischen Pinnwand von easy­square

Building information, the generic way

You’re surely familiar with the building information in the customer app. All important contact partners are listed in one place – from the cable provider to the caretaker, with a one-click jump to the phone number and e-mail address. What’s more, this building information can now be generically integrated into the digital bulletin board. They key word here is “generic”, since this enables companies to easily make adjustments to the form without any additional programming. The data for the building information is pulled directly from the business partner stored in your ERP system. You control via customising which business partner roles, which associated fields and which titles are displayed. That’s the way, aha aha… we like it ;-)

Activation: Customising

Bereitstellung von Dokumenten zur Vorbereitung von Besichtigungen in der easy­square Interessenten-App

File sharing with your potential tenants the easy way

Whether new build or older apartment – good preparation is everything when you’re searching for potential tenants. Checklists for viewings or sample catalogues for new buildings are useful aids that can bring structure and efficiency to your rental process. To support professional handling for the provision of documents like this, you can now make important documents available to potential tenants directly in the portal prior to a viewing. This brings all important information and documents together in a central location with a clear structure and makes them easily accessible on mobile devices – no effort, no paper and perfectly networked. Good preparation is half the battle in rentals.

Activation: Customising

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