easy­square Release Note 6.151 für Oktober 2022

What’s new with the easy­square release note for October?

What did we work on in the last sprint? What can professionals, landlords, tenants and our many other users of the easy­square apps look forward to? Are there any new developments? Yes! We answer these questions in our latest release note for October: our API 6.151 goes live on 22 September 2022.
Freischaltung mittels E-Mail in den easy­square Apps

Sounds like “You’ve got mail!”

Thankfully the days of listening more or less patiently to the bleeping and screeching of our old 56k modem as we dialled up a connection to the Internet are long gone. The younger generation would not even recognise those sounds today. Now we have access to the Internet at the touch of a finger, anytime, anywhere. Who has time to wait around? That’s why we offer our customers the option of an alternative means of onboarding their tenants. Using entirely digital but legally secure means, registered users can activate further services in their tenant app by e-mail. There’s no longer any need to wait for the activation code to be sent by post. Just as long as the e-mail address is validated in the ERP system. So, soon it will be: E-m@il for you!

Activation: Customising

Einfache Navigation aus der Kartenfunktion in den easy­square Apps

Easy navigation from the map

Native apps offer many advantages. One of the biggest of these is that they can access a device’s built-in utility programs. Think of a camera, for example, that lets tenants document damage or a condition, or the map function that allows landlords to plan the route to the next viewing appointment. We’ve now optimised the latter utility program so that all users of our easy­square apps can simply tap on the pin and then navigate directly to the location without having to laboriously enter the address data. This way, tenants, house caretakers or professionals are guaranteed to reach their destination quickly.

Activation: Product standard

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