Interaktive Widgets in den easy­square Apps
Minadora Lukas

Brand new: Widgets for interactive use of the easy­square apps

For an even better user experience, easy­square apps are now available with widgets. Widgets are design elements that serve as previews of static or dynamic content. They deliver both variety and a quick overview of the top-level services, particularly when the user opens the app. Clicking on one can send users to any location.

There are two categories here: static widgets and dynamic widgets. The information in a static widget is maintained once in Customising and always remains the same. The content of dynamic widgets is determined when they are loaded. This allows the widget to receive up-to-date information or refer to the most recent forms, for example. A widget consists of a title, image, subtitle, abstract, date and time. A website, a form or a box list can be stored behind a widget.

Extensive application options

The list of possible applications is long and wide-ranging. Think of administrators, property managers and caretakers, for example – typical professional users of the professional app and administrator app. To avoid having to search for frequently used templates or upcoming tasks, these can be displayed using widgets directly on the home screen. Users therefore immediately see how many new tasks are waiting for them and are mentally prepared. This also spares them the several clicks usually needed to reach their most frequently used forms or upcoming tasks. The widget functions as a shortcut.

You can also use widgets in the tenant app to create a compelling, interactive user experience. For example, you can inform tenants about special offers in the market place or the “My neighbourhood” service directly on the start page without them first having to take the time to browse the individual categories.

And one more piece of good news in closing: the versatile widgets can be implemented with minimal development and maintenance effort!

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