Übersetzungsfunktion in der easy­square Mieter-App
Charlotte Meyer

23 new languages for the easy­square tenant app

Click to translate! Have you seen it before? Maybe. However, our new translation function for the easy­square tenant app allows you to not only display content in one of 23 freely selectable languages, but also translate the user’s input from another language back into German.

Want to display an app in your own language? It’s easily done. Content can be completely conveyed, leaving no scope for misunderstanding. But as soon as we get to the point where we need to make an entry in the app, we're back to square one. Although we as users now understand what is required of us, we are in case of doubt unable to provide the information in the desired language. There is now a solution in easy­square for such a case.

Language means diversity

Fairly large numbers of tenants in Germany do not speak German as their native language and experience communication difficulties as soon as things go beyond the simple level of communication. This may be the case for anyone from Erasmus students to people with a migration background or expatriates living temporarily in Germany. For this reason, the easy­square tenant app  has also been available in English since last summer. Since English is one of the most important languages for communication worldwide, the introduction of this bilingual function was a significant milestone in the app’s history. And now we’re going one step further. So that the tenant app can be used even more effectively for its primary purpose – namely communication – we now offer a wide range of languages for precisely those areas where users may quickly reach the limits of their language skills.

A great variety – with translation from and into 23 different languages

What data needs to be entered to obtain approval for a pet? What do I need to register a subtenant? And what information was concealed in the convoluted wording of the last  bulletin board entry in the neighbourhood function? It is in precisely these and similar places where the new translation function comes in. Users can have specific individual forms translated in full. This is done by simply tapping the “Language” field at the bottom of the screen and then selecting one of the 23 available languages. The page is then translated. The best thing about it all is that users now not only understand what input is required, but can even answer in their chosen language. Finally, the content is simply translated back and can now be sent. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

The benefits at a glance:

  • Target group reached more effectively through multilingual functionality
  • Reduction in the number of queries via channels outside the app
  • Improved communication between tenants through the avoidance of language barriers
  • Easy integration of the new translation functionality into the easy­square tenant app

Would you too like to support diversity within your group of tenants, improve communication possibilities using an app and reduce the workload of your own employees by avoiding individual queries? If so, please don’t hesitate to approach us for an individual offer!

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