Videointegration in der Mieter-App
Charlotte Meyer

Film-worthy added value: videos in the tenant app

Numerous studies demonstrate that the human brain prefers visual representations such as images and videos over text. Recipients can process information in moving images better, as the entertainment value speaks to them on an emotional level and is therefore stored more readily.

Videos and explanatory films therefore provide unbeatable added value for presenting the information and possibilities of the tenant app in an ideal way for your target group. Not only can you embed them directly in forms as YouTube videos – they can also be shown on the home screen in an image carousel. The memorable visual highlights know no limits. For example, an explanatory film about the defect report explains the process transparently and effectively. Another video in the house information category on the topic of “separating waste” provides the tenants with a memorable sequence of images and high entertainment value. As a result, tenants’ responsibilities are firmly imprinted in their long-term memories.

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