Verbrauchsdaten in der Mieter-App
Charlotte Meyer

Tenant app goes EED: Current consumption data with one click

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) stipulates that, in future, consumption data must be made available free of charge by digital means several times a year on request. Is there any more obvious way to do this than to map the data directly in the easy­square tenant app?

The  easy­square tenant app is developing into a real rental all-rounder. Defect reporting and document provision have long been standard, and there are new cool discounts in the marketplace area. Yet more unbeatable added value is on the way: consumption data at a glance! This not only grants tenants full control. It also enables landlords to meet their legal obligations in a simple manner while saving resources. With the Energy Efficiency Directive, the EU member states have committed themselves to reducing the energy consumption of properties. Tenants are to be encouraged to deal more consciously with resources such as heating energy and water through more transparency regarding their consumption. Regular information helps them understand their individual consumption level and reduce it efficiently. The stipulations:

If remotely readable meters have been installed, landlords are obliged to provide their tenants with consumption data twice a year (quarterly if requested by the tenant or in the case of electronic information transmission). From 1 January 2022, consumption data must be transmitted to the tenant at least monthly if remotely readable meters have been installed. EED-compliant display of consumption data

EED-compliant display of consumption data

With the new “Consumption” function, implementing these requirements is a breeze. It contains up to four boxes and can thus separately map all consumption values supplied by the meter reading company. The consumption form is created monthly and contains the respective absolute consumption value and up to 3 relative comparison figures. If a tenant has several rental contracts/rental properties, the relevant consumption data is listed separately. Icons and notes can provide additional explanations.

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