easy­square beim KIWI.KI Hackathon
Claudia Metzke

easy­square tenant app with digital locking system

PROMOS participated in the first KIWI Platform Hackathon in September. The result? It is now technically possible to open and lock KIWI.KI doors through the easy­square tenant app without requiring users to verify themselves multiple times. This is not only practical, but also secure. In concrete terms, an interface to the KIWI.KI servers was created. The solution was implemented for two scenarios:
  1. A tenant activates their account in the tenant app and automatically receives a digital key for their apartment door without having to register with KIWI.KI.
  2. A potential tenant responds to an ad, then simultaneously receives a viewing appointment and a digital key to enter the relevant viewing object.

To assign easy­square app users to the relevant rental unit and thus to a specific door, a door ID for a rental unit can be stored in the connected SAP® system. In this way, it is possible for both confirmed and potential tenants to open the corresponding KIWI.KI doors using the tenant app or the potential tenant app, respectively.

For intuitive operation, there is now a special “digital door access” service that can be integrated into the easy­square apps. Here, users see a list of all the doors to which they currently have a digital key. Doors can be opened with a click or marked as favourites. Once at least one door has been marked as a favourite, a specially programmed widget also appears in the upper area of the easy­square tenant app. Clicking on this will open an overview of all the user’s favourite doors.

Wide range of potential uses

These highly concrete developments may be fully functional, but this is still only a draft solution for now. In the future, the new interface could also be used to search the KIWI.KI database and find existing KIWI doors at certain addresses, for instance. This address matching could be helpful when initially maintaining the door ID in the customer’s SAP® system.

Furthermore, eventual integration of this new functionality is also planned for the easy­square professional app. This will provide numerous participants in the real estate sector with easy access to building and apartment doors, such as for safety precautions during drinking water or smoke detector inspections. Tenants could also optionally grant door access to craftsmen who are connected through the craftsmen portal HWK  even when tenants are absent. Overall, integration of the digital KIWI locking system into the easy­square apps offers a range of opportunities for efficiency.

You recognise the potential here? Feel free to get in touch with us! We can’t wait to hear your ideas for getting the product ready for the market.

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