Optimierung der Terminbuchungsfunktion in der easy­square Vermietungslösung
Daniel Dierich

Just a click away: the new appointment booking function in rentals

The efficient rental process with easy­square has been tried and tested in numerous housing companies. Behind the scenes, though, we’re constantly working on new developments to provide our customers with the best state-of-the-art functions. One of the latest updates: the appointment booking function in our rental solution.

The easy­square rental solution is specially configured to meet the requirements of landlords. For demonstrable time and cost savings, it can be used to digitise and simplify many work steps in the rental process. In order to provide the best version possible, we initiate dialogue with our customers. Along with the technical know-how of our experts, this ensures that we stay in touch with the latest trends and maintain our ability to offer an intuitive and efficient digital solution with an outstanding user experience.

“Does 2 p.m. on Tuesday work?” – the appointment booking function

Digital appointment booking brings an incredible efficiency boost to the rental process. Landlords can specify appointments for the individual properties to help with their planning. When queries are received, they can invite the potential tenants to find an appointment. Potential tenants are given an overview of the available appointments and can then commit to one. The time-consuming coordination of dates is therefore reduced to a minimum without the endless back-and-forth. What’s more, the professional user always has an overview of all booked and available appointments. A particular benefit is that viewings can be saved as appointments in Outlook, since the appointment creation is directly linked to Outlook. The system therefore checks in the employee’s Outlook account to see whether there is already an appointment in the calendar. If there is, a message is generated with information about the scheduling conflict. The employee can then decide whether to save the appointment anyway or change it.

What’s new?

For an even better user experience, we’ve trimmed down the appointment booking form by removing unnecessary information to ensure a clearer overview. We’ve also improved the organisation and structure of the individual appointment statuses. The result: all important information is displayed even faster now. Past appointments are now also listed separately. This allows users to focus on the appointments that are still pending.

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