Interview with our app developers: How are our daily assistants or apps developed?

Life without a smartphone is unimaginable these days. What makes the smartphone the ideal daily assistant? The apps, of course! From reading the news, to fitness or health, through work and keeping in touch with friends, there are apps for every situation in life. And of course also for professional use in real estate management. The easy­square app is well-known in this field. But who are the clever minds behind the easy­square apps? And what is their daily work routine? Our video lets them have their say.

Our easy­square apps simplify and digitise all workflows relating to real estate management for administrators, tenants, landlords, tradespeople and owners. Naturally that covers a multitude of areas. In addition, our applications are continuously adapted to the wishes and requirements of our customers. The app developers at easy­square therefore take on demanding tasks that require a lot of creativity, developer innovation and technical know-how. We hear their perspectives in our latest video:

If you’re a talented bright spark with a curious mind who wants to expand your horizons with new tasks, get in touch and join the easy­square team!

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