easy­square Release Note 6.141 für den Dezember 2021
Kathrin Finn

What joyous times! The December release goes online

To coincide with the beginning of Advent, we are opening the door to reveal our December Release 6.141, which is going live on 25 November 2021. In a light wrapping, we are presenting a colourful mixture of configurable UX designs, optimised handling and even better means of obtaining information.
Optimierung der Standortmarker in der Kartenfunktion der easy­square Apps

Where am I?

With rows of pins representing the sites of their jobs, the representation in the form of a digital map on a tablet is particularly helpful when caretakers plan their route through their area of responsibility. So that they don’t end up unable to see the wood for the trees, their own location now stands out more clearly from the other markers for jobs in their close proximity. In addition, the map scales to all visible pins, and users are of course asked beforehand, in compliance with data protection laws, if they consent to the app using their location. To prevent the function being activated unintentionally, the new view is co-brandable. Doesn’t that sound good?

Activation: Customising

Optimierung vom UX Design des Fotobuttons in den easy­square Apps

Top handling

Crouching on the floor in a cramped kitchenette with one hand on the drain pipe and just one hand free to take a photo? This is a familiar situation for fitters. Obtaining a photo for documentation purposes while they work often proves rather tricky. It therefore appears all the more important to have a clever user interface suited to the specific application case. Bearing this in mind, the camera trigger has been placed on the right so it can be used with either one or two hands. This means that users are no longer in danger of dropping something – especially the expensive tablet.

Activation: Product standard

Ausbau der Besichtigungsliste für die easy­square Vermietung

More information, less research

The viewing list provides  landlords with a detailed overview of all viewings that have been carried out or cancelled – a perfect overall view of all important details for managing appointments and potential tenants. With the new release, we are now increasing the density of information on the report. For example, the information text for potential tenants can now also be seen in the viewing list. Furthermore, hyperlinks also make it easier to click on and process the e-mail and phone number fields. Why not try it out right now?

Activation: Customising

Datensparsamkeit im Onboarding der easy­square Mieter-App

A clean slate in onboarding

Our onboarding process ensures that access to contract-related and confidential information is only granted to those who are able to provide proof of their authorisation, for example with an activation code. However, it may be happen that users who have registered on the platform at some time and received such an activation code are no longer interested in logging on or have simply forgotten that they had registered. We therefore remind anyone who has not logged on for 6 months and inform them that their data will be deleted automatically. This saves you from taking action yourself and reduces the amount of data on our portal. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Activation: Customising

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