Generische Terminbuchung in den easy­square Apps
Stefan Hempel

Time for a new app function? Here comes generic appointment booking

The new generic online appointment booking function is ready to launch. Are you curious to learn how exactly this works and how we implement such useful features? Then read on now.

As a partner to the real-estate industry, we have always considered it our remit to provide the best possible IT solutions for the benefit of customers. Our recipe for success here entails keeping track of customer requirements and wishes. After all, we can only be successful if our customers are successful.

In addition to many years of experience and expertise in developing state-of-the-art technologies, one crucial secret to our success is our dialogue with our customers. For example, we regularly communicate with representatives of renowned housing companies to ensure that our ideas for expanding our products actually meet the needs of customers. If this is the case, we prepare the project for the market with a pilot customer. This is the stage we are currently at with the generic appointment booking function.

What is generic online appointment booking?

Generic online appointment booking is a further module to increase efficiency and user-friendliness. Does some aspect of the rental contract relationship still need to be clarified in person? Do the maintenance requirements in the apartment need to be appraised? Arranging appointments has never been so easy for tenants, administrators and craftsmen! Online appointment booking is an extended function in a digital appointment book where appointments can be assigned and booked. The available appointments can be linked to individual services or service locations. In addition, the online appointment booking is transferred to Outlook, enabling the tenant advisor, landlord, administrator or craftsmen, for example, to directly view the appointments booked for them.

Application case: booking appointments quickly and directly in the tenant app

Once a tenant has clicked on “Find appointment now" on their service kiosk form, the  tenant app displays a list of all appointments still available at the service kiosk assigned to them. The tenant selects a suitable appointment and confirms in the appointment form using the “Make binding booking now" button. As a result, it is no longer possible for any other tenants to view and book the appointment form. The booked appointment form is moved to the tenant’s “My appointments" box.
A list of all booked appointments appears here, sorted in ascending order of date. If an appointment is not required after all, or if a booking was made accidentally, the user has the possibility of cancelling the appointment using the “Cancel now" button. A confirmation prompt appears prior to cancellation in order to avoid unintentional cancellations.

Once an appointment has been cancelled, the tenant receives an information message stating that the appointment has been successfully cancelled. The cancelled appointment is then available again for all tenants in the service kiosk and can be booked.

Conclusion: Appointment booking has never been so easy! The new generic appointment booking function provides real added value for the easy­square apps. For example, the function can lead to a significant increase in the number of app users and how often they use the app. At the same time, being able to coordinate appointments digitally greatly reduces the workload for employees. This therefore eliminates both long communication routes and media discontinuity. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Would you too like to make your tenant app even more attractive for users while at the same time reducing the strain on your staff? Or are you generally interested in the digital solutions from easy­square? Then feel free to contact us!

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