easy­square Release Note 6.142 für den Januar 2022
Kathrin Finn

Ho, ho, ho! Our Christmas release for January is ready

Alongside the annual creative fun of making an Advent wreath or calendar, the delicious smells of Christmas baking and the sounds of a decent portion of Xmas hits, easy­square app users can also look forward to great new features in the pre-Christmas period, which we wish to share with you on 16 December 2021 in the form of our latest Release Note 6.142. Let’s take a glance at the digital surprise package to discover the highlights.
Offline Statusmeldung in der easy­square Formularliste

In a dead zone: offline display for app users

Do you not have an Internet connection absolutely everywhere? That happens, no problem! So if your field staff cease to be connected to the Internet on their way to the cellar, when going to the building site or on a train, a permanent display in the form list now informs them of their offline status. In other words, the message appears wherever the app user needs the information and disappears once the device reconnects to the Internet. The activation and the text, consisting of a maximum of 80 characters, can be controlled through the  co-branding. What a perfect solution!

Activation: Co-branding

Co-Branding für Kooperationspartnerangebote

In colour: flexible colouring for buttons

The co-branding contains a very general definition of the default settings for all your colours in the easy­square white label apps. It is namely in this wonderful way that our app appears in your own corporate design. However, it may make sense to deviate from this design in some cases. Just think of the fantastic Christmas offers for your tenants! It is now possible to define other colours in the form by means of XML as well. This makes it easier for your affiliates, for example, to brand the links in their advertisements in the appropriate colour design for their own company. Good thinking!

Activation: Customising

Datenschnittstelle für Objektstammdaten in der easy­square Verwalter-App

At top speed: exchanging master data using JSON format

Master data forms the backbone of all real-estate management. Whether it is an accounting entity, building or rental unit, all important data in the administrator app can now be created, overwritten or deleted quite easily by means of an automated data interface (API). In this way, we build a bridge for sending data back and forth between two companies. Thanks to our new features in the app tool kit, collaboration with external organisations and IT systems becomes much easier, much quicker and much less error-prone, while existing environments can be integrated perfectly into an administrator’s work process.

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