easy­square Release Note 6.144 für den März 2022
Kathrin Finn

Listen! What’s that we hear buzzing? The easy­square releases for March

Like the bees in their hive, our developers have been working hard over the past few weeks so that we can announce a packed release note for March today. A big thank you to the team! With API 6.144, we’ll be delivering a honeypot of features for landlords, administrators and professionals on 24 February 2022.
Authentifizierung von easy­square Professional Usern via Azure AD

Authentication via Azure AD

Two birds with one stone? This is possible for users with an Azure AD account. They now have the option of accessing the easy­square professional app with their Azure AD login data. Users only have to sync the two accounts by clicking on the login button, which will forward them to the external identity provider. Once there, they can authenticate themselves with their existing user account at this IdP. Let’s go!

Activation: Customising

Darstellung von Icons in Buttons der easy­square Apps

Buttons with icon power

It sure is strange that the old, archaic floppy disk has been so burned into our minds as a symbol for saving files that no one would think of changing it today. It’s also practical, though, how symbols and icons make it easier for us to find our bearings in both real and digital spaces. That’s why it’s now possible in our form design to represent any button with an icon. Users can decide for themselves whether the icon should be displayed with or without text and to the left or right of the text. Users benefit from more flexibility in form design, and we take an important step toward accessibility in our apps.

Activation: Form design

Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten für Kunden in der Sidebar der easy­square Apps

New addition for the sidebar

Navigating through mobile applications can be a headache. Little space, but tons of content… and how are users supposed to find the information they want? Quickly and easily, in the best case. The side menu is a trusty companion here. It’s a constant presence and cornerstone of every app, making the sidebar the most central and important navigation tool. You can now define up to three entries in our easy­square apps for your own purposes, such as for the FAQs. Customers must specify the title and jump destination, which can be an external URL or an internal deep link (form, box, service). Already have three ideas up your sleeve?

Activation: Customising

Immowelt Schnittstelle für die Vermietung in der easy­square Verwalter-App

A perfect fit! Administrator app with rentals

Anyone looking to organise the marketing and leasing of their properties using the easy­square administrator app can now take advantage of an interface to Immowelt. To reach as many potential tenants as possible via several portals, landlords can now easily advertise their properties via the popular rental portal Immowelt – all without having to leave the administrator app. Simply release the property in your administrator app to be published online and wait for applications to roll in. What a fit!

Activation: Customising

Erweiterung der Outlookintegration in der generischen Terminbuchung von easy­square

Update for generic appointment booking

In our tech blog, we recently reported on the new feature for online appointment booking. Tenants can simply book free time slots with their tenant support, and employees get an efficient overview of their booked appointments in Outlook thanks to seamless integration. Now comes the first enhancement for Outlook integration. To describe appointments in more detail, the title, location and full text can now also be imported to Outlook. This definitely makes it easier for administrators to organise their calendars.

Activation: Product standard

Dokumente anfordern in der easy­square Vermieter-App

Request documents at the touch of a button

Potential tenants apply for their dream apartment and now you, as landlord, still need the corresponding documents? To request documents like a proof of salary or a certificate of rent paid in order to complete the self disclosure, landlords no longer have to jump to the offer list – they can now request them directly in the form. The new “Request Documents” button ensures that your workflow stays on track.

Activation: Product standard

Bestimmte Ausstattungsmerkmal von Mietobjekten highlighten in der easy­square Vermieter-App

Set highlights in rentals

Their special charm, architectural flair and history make old buildings exceptional rental properties. To make your rental team particularly aware of certain building features, you can use the new feature prioritisation function to highlight them in the form. This enables aspects such as the historic preservation status to appear more clearly in the presentation. Give the jewels in your properties the attention they deserve!

Activation: Customising

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