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Wow! New development for the SAP® chat

Internet Explorer is saying goodbye. Microsoft announced the end of maintenance for the browser some time ago – support for Internet Explorer 11 will be discontinued from mid-2022. Read on to find out what this means for your SAP® chat function and how to ensure a smooth transition:

After over a quarter of a century, Internet Explorer is ready for retirement. Microsoft has announced its decision to end support for the browser in mid-2022. You can find more information on this in our  newsletter.

But with every end comes a new beginning. Our developments don’t sleep – we’re always working on new solutions and improvements. This also goes for the SAP® chat, which currently uses Internet Explorer. Our developers are working at full speed to make sure the chat function remains available with the new Edge technology. You’ll have to take some preliminary steps to use the new chat. To make the conversion as quick as possible, please install the following components:

  -  Install the Edge browser.
  -  Install SAP® GUI 7.70 (patch level 5 recommended)
     Note: SAP® GUI 7.60 is valid until April 2022 and will be provided without SAP® support starting in May 2022.

   -  Check whether you have already installed WebView2. If this is not the case, install WebView2 via Microsoft.
      Note: WebView2 is a prerequisite for the new SAP® chat and use of the Edge browser in the web application.
Now you can take advantage of the new SAP® chat. The function will be delivered to your SAP® system as a transport request by 31 March 2022. Make sure that SAP® GUI 7.70 is set to use Edge. You can change the setting as follows:
  -   Open SAP® Logon
  -   Open the options in the top left corner via the sandwich menu
  -   Under “Interaction Design”, choose “Control Settings”
  -   You can now change the preferred browser under “HTML Control”
  -   You can choose between Internet Explorer (chat runs in Internet Explorer as before) and Edge (support for the new chat         function)

Caution: Please do not uninstall Internet Explorer before you have tested all of your vital applications with Edge!
As long as Internet Explorer is still installed, you can still switch back to the old technology at any time via the Options menu described above during the transition period.

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