easy­square Release Note 6.153 für Dezember 2022

Open up! The easy­square release note for December is about to arrive

As of next week, we can finally look forward to a little door again for 24 days. We are already revealing today which new easy­square features you can look forward to for December – namely in our latest release note for API 6.153, which will be going live on 24 November 2022. So open the link and take a look!
Freischaltung via SMS in der easy­square Mieter-App

Grouping image files

Appealing images can make your properties look their absolute best, thus significantly boosting your rental success. Often, just a small selection of photos for each property can result in quite a substantial number of image files for your portfolio as a whole. On top of this come the numerous documents from potential tenants, such as certificates from various offices, SCHUFA and the like. Things can quickly become rather confusing when the data is transferred to an ERP system. We have therefore now introduced the practical option of grouping image files. Customising settings can be used to control whether the attachments are to be transferred individually or as a collective PDF file.

Activation: Customising

Gruppierung von Bilddateien beim ERP-Import von Dateien

Onboarding by e-mail or text message

One feature, which we have already reported on in detail in our tech blog, is now being rolled out with the new release for our easy­square apps – activation by text message or e-mail. Customising settings allow you to decide which options you want to offer your tenants for onboarding. Read more about the benefits of the new activation options here: read news

Activation: Customising

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