Mehr Übersichtlichkeit dank neuer Dokumentenstruktur in der easy­square Mieter-App
Theresia Mussauer

Documents in the tenant app: An even clearer overview

Customer feedback shows that the easy­square tenant app is characterised by an intuitive and clearly structured layout. But rather than sitting back and thinking they have done enough, our product managers and developers have perfected the mobile solution even further. As a result, the restructured document types provide an even clearer overview at a glance.

The easy­square  tenant app has already established itself as an indispensable must-have in numerous housing companies. The uncomplicated link between tenant and landlord offers unbeatable advantages. Requests can be easily submitted at any time. Contracts, statements and other important documents are accessible around the clock. The development team has addressed precisely this area and further optimised the UX for users.

Sorting by document type

All of the tenant’s important documents can be found under the “My Contract” service. From the operating cost statement to approval for keeping pets, users have ready access here to all the relevant documents relating to their rental contract relationship. Whereas documents were previously sorted in simple chronological order, they are now sorted by topic. Folders are created and documents sorted according to the document types. Possible categories include “Approvals”, “Rental Contracts”, “Utility Statements” and “Other Correspondence”. A badge in the top right-hand corner of the screen indicates when new documents and information have been received.

Customer-specific design

The customer is free to decide how to group the documents and what names to give the folders. It goes without saying that corporate identity is also taken into account. This means that the colours, icons and so on can be implemented in the customer’s own design.

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