Die ready-to-run Apps im Einsatz bei der Barton Group
Maxi Kalmutzke

One click to the solution – the easy­square ready-to-run apps

Fast deployment, low implementation effort, effective solution – these are the characteristics that best describe our easy­square ready-to-run apps. Small and medium-sized housing companies and associations particularly appreciate the advantages of these out-of-the-box solutions. As a pilot customer, the Barton Group provides initial insights into the implementation of the solution.

Digitisation as a major project? Not with the easy­square ready-to-run apps!

Digitisation is spreading further and further. Whereas smart home systems with voice control for light, music and blinds were previously still a fictitious future dream for private individuals, today more and more apartments and houses are fitted with the new technology. The same was true for the iPhone, which hit the digital market like a bomb when it was launched. And today? We can no longer imagine life without the smartphone. It’s not surprising, therefore, that smaller companies are now looking to take advantage of the new technologies that have almost become standard at large companies. The order of the day here is that the benefits must be in proportion to the costs of introduction and maintenance. That's why we are offering the ready-to-run apps as fast-to-implement solutions with a sophisticated range of functions based on decades of experience in the app business in the real estate sector. The first pilot customers certify that the model is highly compatible for the intended target group.

Barton Group places its bets on the use of ready-to-run apps

By means of pilot customer projects, the range of ready-to-run apps already offered is to be adapted to meet the special needs of small and medium-sized companies. What’s special about it? It is not a question of creating tailor-made individual solutions, but of developing universal answers to the established requirements of our pilot customers. Only in this way can we ensure that, with the current high level of demand from the small and medium-sized market segment, the immediate operational capability characteristic of the ready-to-run apps can be guaranteed.

For the Barton Group, a family-run real estate investment company based in Bonn, we have begun by digitising the processes for changing tenant, recording defect reports and verifying legal safety regulations. Following an agile test phase spanning six months, it is now almost time for the rollout to the company’s entire portfolio. Managing Director Michael Hauenstein considers the support of an established and experienced provider, such as PROMOS, to be a decisive advantage for the implementation of his company’s digitisation strategy.

To be continued…

Even today, the easy­square ready-to-run apps already have the potential to give the ultimate digitisation boost to a market segment that has up to now been neglected by many providers. Holding around two thirds of the apartments rented in Germany, private owners are a big player on the real estate market – and demand is correspondingly huge. Following the completion of the first successful pilot projects, the plan is for the ready-to-run apps to soon become available for the mass of small and medium-sized companies to download at a click – a step that will revolutionise the real estate market. Watch this space!

To see what other important findings have been obtained from the first pilot projects and gain an overview of the solutions available as ready-to-run apps, read the exclusive specialist article“Totally digital and ready to run! The new mobile solutions from easy­square for the entire real estate market”

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