Einsatz Künstlicher Intelligenz in den easy­square Apps
Jens Kramer

Convenience and added value? No problem with AI!

AI is not just fun – it can also be immensely useful. We demonstrate that this is not simply a trendy topic, but a technology capable of increasing both efficiency and user convenience. Do you want to take a look behind the scenes at the easy­square app lab?

We want to make artificial intelligence usable in places that bring real added value or savings. One completely new idea we are currently working on in a prototype with some of our customers is the talking exposé. A tenant who finds a five-page exposé on a rental property typically has little interest in searching the entire document for the information they need. We see the potential for real added value here through the use of a chatbot.

Similarly, the use of chatbots as a helpful concierge in the apps brings a noticeable improvement. It is often difficult for occasional users in particular to find their way around in new applications straight away. It makes sense here to deploy an AI as a kind of voice-controlled concierge. Users verbally communicate their questions and receive a spoken answer to guide them through the plethora of functions.

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