Release Note 6.137 für die easy­square Apps
Kathrin Finn

Et voilà! The release note for August is served

Our hot new developments from the app tool kit and for the tenant app launching in August with release note 6.137 are guaranteed to be a welcome addition in the everyday lives of our easy­square users. How about a multilingual professional app or a quick run to verify tenants in your tenant app? You won’t have to wait long for the new features – they’re going live on 29 July 2021.
Optimierung des Choicefields in den easy­square Apps

First choice for app users

Balcony? Check. Fitted kitchen? Check. Underfloor heating? Check. Bathtub? Check. – wait, no! Changes in the selection are easier than ever thanks to the newly optimised, user-friendly choice field in the easy­square apps. For one thing, the delete function for single and multiple choice ensures that the delete option is also omitted as soon as no selection is available. This is displayed depending on the context. For another thing, the user is asked to confirm the deletion when an option is deselected at form level. And to delete all the selected choices in one swing, all you have to do is click on an icon. Choosing has never been easier.

Activation: Product standard

easy­square Professional App spricht ab sofort Englisch und Italienisch

A win for multilingualism

There was only one winner in the final game of the EURO 2020 European Football Championship, but you can have it both ways in the easy­square professional app – it now speaks Italian and English. Both languages have been integrated in the app. Importantly, though, the input determines the output. Although the professional app now supports the new languages, you specify the content via your back-end systems. Bravissimo!

Activation: Customising

Sofortfreischaltung für Nutzer der easy­square Mieter-App

Quick start with the tenant app

Tenants must first verify themselves with the housing company in order to use the full functionality of their tenant app. Only then can sensitive contract details be accessed securely. With the immediate release in easy­square, tenants no longer have to wait for a letter with an activation code. Rather, they are authenticated directly via their e-mail address. This not only saves time, but is also good for the environment. Just register and get started!

Activation: Customising

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