Charlotte Meyer

So easy: using the generic bulletin board is effortless

The new admin feature in the web portal will give the bulletin board a new dynamic. What was previously controlled centrally via the ERP system can now be carried out easily via the browser in the easy­square portal, so there are now no obstacles to the exciting content in the easy­square apps.

There’s no doubt that the bulletin board service adds significant value, because the time-consuming methods property managers use to pass on information to tenants are simplified and printing costs kept to a minimum. Tenants can conveniently view all the necessary information at any time “at a click”. Details about maintenance dates or the status of a modernisation project can be conveniently shared with the building community. Classic offline products, such as tenant magazines, notices or circulars, can also be mapped in the digital bulletin board in a way that saves time, money and resources.

Easy maintained

There’s good news about efficient and user-friendly content creation: editing the bulletin board is now far simpler.
Before now, it was only possible to maintain the digital bulletin board using an SAP®-based ERP. This entailed generating a transaction in SAP® and manually entering the appropriate company code and correct accounting entity.

With the new structure, employees can now create and maintain posts easily and independently, much like in a content management system and independently of the ERP. This can be done from any location and with any device – whether smartphone, tablet or PC. In the process, a selection catalogue facilitates and accelerates the task of choosing the right accounting entity. A photo to match the text content can even be taken and posted directly from the device.

The advantages are obvious: firstly, the new structure efficiently supports content creation.
Secondly, an SAP®-based ERP system is not necessary. This means that easy­square customers can now benefit from all the advantages of the bulletin board service regardless of which enterprise software is used.

The generic bulletin board is a real all-rounder and not just suited to the  tenant app. It is already being used successfully in other easy­square applications as well. In the craftsmen portal, for instance, the app delivers a brilliant service, providing administrators with a convenient means of informing craftsmen about a maintenance time frame, the obligation to wear a mask or other points to keep in mind – in a quick, user-friendly and targeted manner.

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