easy­square Release Note 6.146 für Mai 2022

Ready to go? The small easy­square release note for May

We don’t want to beat around the bush today: we recently developed some technical innovations that are either too tiny to mention or too complex to explain. We like to get to the point quickly in our release notes, as everyone knows, so our users can now look forward to a small but fine selection for the month of May. The new release will go live with version 6.146 as of 28 April 2022 and shouldn’t be too hard to get to grips with.
Offlineanzeige sowie Zwischenspeicherung bei App Absturz in den easy­square Apps für Verwalter, Vermieter, Mieter, Interessenten, Hausmeister, Property Manager und Professional User

No connection, no problem

Whether in a tunnel, in the basement or in areas with poor network coverage – administrators and caretakers want to be productive on the go even without an Internet connection. To avoid confusion when their forms suddenly can’t be sent due to lack of coverage, the offline display now also informs users of the restriction in the ready-to-run easy­square apps. Users of our white-label apps know this feature from our Release Note 6.142. And if the app does crash at some point, the form entries won’t be lost forever. The form that was in progress when the app crashed can now easily be recovered. What a relief that technology doesn’t leave us hanging in times of need!

Activation: Product standard

Admin Berechtigung in der easy­square Terminbuchungsfunktion erlaubt Stornierung von Terminen in Vertretung, Urlaub oder Krankheitsfall

Appointment booking: round one

Sometimes the unexpected happens: an administrator calls in sick and their free slots have to be cancelled to prevent tenants from booking new appointments. With the admin authorisation in the appointment booking function of our easy­square apps, it’s now possible to view all booked appointments for each administrator and cancel them if necessary. Managing your administrators in the event of a holiday or illness is thus child’s play!

Activation: Product standard

Massenhafte Löschung bzw. Stornierung von Terminen durch Admin Berechtigung in der easy­square Terminbuchungsfunktion

Appointment booking: round two

Let’s stick to the short-term changes and go back to our example of the sick administrator. If an employee is absent and can’t attend to their previously booked appointments, the admin can display all their appointments in the easy­square appointment booking function with a filter and delete them all at once using a new button. The admin therefore doesn’t have to perform endless individual deletions and has time to wish their colleague a speedy recovery.

Activation: Product standard

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