easy­square Release Note 6.148 für Juli 2022

Psst! Light version of easy­square release note for July now available

Light, breezy and easy on the system? Not the words that usually come to mind when we think of the challenges related to the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) for condominium owners and landlords. Our goal is to make it easy for them – as easy as easy­square! That is why we are devoting ourselves to this special topic in the July release note, which will go live with API 6.148 on 23 June 2022.

The light version of the easy­square tenant app is a purely web-based application. It has the same design as our mysquare app and shows your tenants their EED consumption information in digital format. Remember: Since the start of the year, all housing companies, owners and landlords have been obliged to provide residents with transparent consumption data on their hot water and heat usage throughout the year, provided that remotely readable metering technology is installed in the buildings. In this way, the amended German Heating Costs Ordinance (HKVO) follows the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and transposes it into national law in order to achieve a sustainable reduction in the energy consumption of properties. Based on the assumption that people can only be helped to lower their energy requirement and conserve natural resources if they actually know what their consumption is, the directive focuses on providing more frequent and targeted information about individual consumption behaviour.

How this information finds its way to your tenants is up to you. As keen advocates of digital transformation, we naturally recommend that the information be delivered digitally by way of an app or web portal. It’s the obvious solution. This way, not only do you save valuable time and costs spent on your monthly paper dispatch, you also offer your tenants compelling added value in your digital application. After all, if you expect to receive information in your app every month, you may visit this service or others from your company more frequently. And for those who have not yet taken the step towards their own tenant app or who use another provider, there is a small treat in store: the light version of the easy­square tenant app.

In contrast to the classic tenant app powered by easy­square, this app does not allow your tenants to apply for the activation code themselves. Instead, onboarding takes place exclusively via an activation code that is sent by letter and can be entered directly in the app. This gives you the opportunity to inform your tenants about the new service and the relevance of the Energy Efficiency Directive. You can also read useful information about the EED for your tenants here >>

Optimierung vom Onboarding Screen der mein²-App für die Verbrauchsdarstellung EED in der easy­square Mieter-App light

What’s new with release note 6.148? The onboarding screen in the mysquare app has been optimised to take into account the different registration process for users of the light version of the tenant app. So, after registering or clicking on a service that has not yet been activated, your tenants will immediately be brought to the form to enter their activation code. This form also contains a short note next to the actual input field. In this way, you make it as easy as possible for your tenants to use your service for digital consumption display.

Activation: Co-branding

For detailed information on implementing the legal requirements in accordance with HKVO and EED, see our article “Tenant app goes EED: Current consumption data with one click”. Or get in touch! We will be happy to help you digitise your workflows. Digital transformation is our passion.

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