easy­square Release Note 6.150 für September 2022

September’s easy­square release: the news is hot, hot, hot!

It’s not just hot temperatures that make our development team sweat, but also occasionally the monthly sprint for our release note. Interested users can read our latest post to find out about the new developments being rolled out for September with API 6.150 on 25 August 2022.
Offlinebearbeitung von Formularen in den easy­square Apps

You’re offline, so now what?

Our easy­square apps are versatile. Not only do they have a wide range of functions, but their actual area of application means that users can be in a variety of different locations. This could be in an apartment, a hallway, a basement, on the roof or in the street. To make it easier for app users to enter data even if they have poor or no Internet access, we’ve optimised form processing in the administrator/professional app. Even after saving, you can now still edit the form offline. If, for example, the house caretaker or property manager records the condition of an apartment, they can also add the electricity meter reading to the form – even from the basement without an Internet connection. Offline? No longer an issue, as far as our forms our concerned. ;-)

Activation: Form design + customising

Optimierung der Usability vom Galleryfield in den easy­square Apps

Finger-pointing and images

Everyone knows that touching a picture in a museum can result in a severe reprimand or worse. But tapping images in the digital space is something to be welcomed! How else can we display details or descriptive texts, zoom in and call up links? However the action that follows after typing or clicking is often left to trial and error. We want to help here by making handling of the gallery field as transparent as possible for our app users. We got the hint!

Activation: Form design

Bild- und Dokumentenpflege zu Objekten der Vermietung im easy­square Portal

Organisational aid for rentals

In this sprint, we’ve been busy focusing on the subject of images, files and organisation. So we are offering our easy­square users in the rental sector a clever new feature that allows them to independently maintain and structure property images and PDFs in the portal, including for example floor plans and energy certificates. You’ll definitely benefit from the clear overview.

Activation: Customising

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