easy­square ready-to-run Apps präsentiert von Jens Kramer auf dem ZIA Innovationskongress 2021 in Berlin
Claudia Metzke

Digital real estate management for all! easy­square at the ZIA innovation congress podium

The ZIA innovation congress is being held on 26 October 2021 in Berlin with the motto “Shaping the future: intelligently, sustainably, digitally”. If people are discussing questions such as “How can the real estate industry promote the digital transformation and the creation of new business models?”, easy­square will of course be part of the conversation. We offer a solution with our ready-to-run apps.

The congress participants all agree on one thing: the industry will only be able to make its social, ecological and economic contribution and meet its future responsibilities with the help of innovations, new ideas and new business models over the entire real estate life cycle. The digital transformation is therefore absolutely essential.

We are making a contribution in exactly this area with our ready-to-run apps: the apps are immediately ready to use, offering a sophisticated range of features with a modern design and intuitive operation for the complete digitisation of professional real estate management. Here, the experience gained from many years of working with large customers is translated into practical solutions for the entire real estate market – from micro-administration to self-administration.

In a fascinating live presentation, our CEO Jens Kramer will demonstrate how well the real estate management of the future will be able to save time, money and resources. In the easy­square store, it will be possible to put together the right package, pay for it and get started straight away.

A short overview of what the three digital musketeers offer:

Administrator app

The administrator app with the mobile app for iOS and Android and the web app for PCs is specially configured to meet the mobile requirements of administrators. Day-to-day operations are being digitised. Whether it’s your own portfolio or management for a third party – the digital desk is always with you. All processes come together centrally and digitally – from the change of tenant and inspection in the context of legal safety regulations to placing rental advertisements online.

mysquare app

The mysquare app digitises communication channels efficiently and uniformly. All customers are thus reached, regardless of whether they are potential tenants, current tenants or owners. The processes of sending information and receiving messages or reports take place in conjunction with the administrator app, which assigns them to the correct lease or property fully automatically. This allows administrators to reduce the number of time-consuming phone calls and incoming e-mails, while receiving customer requests, such as service or defect reports, directly and in an orderly fashion via the mysquare app.

Marketplace app

The marketplace app offers all the options required for craftsmen and service providers to process orders digitally. From preparing quotations and order processing all the way to service entry and invoice generation – every process can be recorded quickly, transparently and with a photo.

For more information about the event, see https://zia-deutschland.de/ziaevents/zia-innovationskongress/

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