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Daniel Dierich

The easy­square potential tenant app: these new developments have arrived

The advantages of easy­square’s potential tenant app have already been thoroughly tested, and it’s now a fixture at many real estate companies. Let’s take a look at the latest adjustments for an even better user experience.

From potential tenant to real tenant in just a few steps: that’s how easy the potential tenant app makes searching for an apartment. According to estimates, removing the necessity for analogue correspondence and multiple property viewings may generate time savings of between 50 and 70 percent, also reducing costs. So the digital approach to rentals is worthwhile, as is taking a look at the latest developments in the easy­square potential tenant app, which ensure an optimal user experience.

1.    2 becomes 1: “My Viewings” and “My Requests” now combined in “My Requests”

The services have been condensed to provide a clearer overview. “My Requests” is the central, most important service for potential tenants. This is where users can directly view and coordinate all requests with the respective statuses and associated appointments.

Starting now, we’re also using the Generic Style in all services to achieve an even better user experience. Potential tenants can now see all important information on an apartment as well as the status of the associated request in the box list.

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