easy­square Release Note 6.145 für den April 2022

Happy Release Day! Our new developments for April

You never know what April will bring, but we know what we’re bringing you this month: a host of new features! From the technical import and export of your master data or intelligent automation in our apps to visual highlights for marketing your properties – our exciting mix of current releases will go live on 24 March 2022. This is no April fool’s joke! However, we can’t promise that our Release Note 6.145 doesn’t contain an amusing line or two.
API-Schnittstelle für Stammdatenexport

Data exports made easy

In December 2021, we reported on the automated data interface (API) for the administrator app in our Release Note 6.142. The API has now been extended: administrator app users can not only import but also export data. This makes it possible to conveniently export the master data of the real estate service, make comparisons and reintegrate changes from the administrator app into the customer’s ERP system. Your property information is thus always up to date.

Activation: Product standard

Manueller XLS-Stammdatenimport dank Excel-Vorlage

Import template for administrators

Speaking of uploading and downloading data: we’ve also optimised the manual upload in the administrator app. Instead of a TXT file, administrators can now use a template file to import their master data. The template is output as an Excel XML and can be filled directly. Effort and susceptibility to errors are reduced, while benefits increase – really important for our app tool kit! This means that nothing stands in the way of your next manual master data import.

Activation: Product standard

Optimierte Terminbuchung in der easy­square Vermieter-App

Appointment booking without data waste

Out of sight, out of mind! So the saying goes. But what happens to those endless appointment forms after the appointments are over? We now have the perfect answer. A new report deletes old appointment forms entirely automatically on the date of your choosing and thus kills two birds with one stone. It not only helps you fulfil data protection requirements, but also makes it easier to avoid unnecessary data waste in your system. The report distinguishes between free or unbooked appointments and booked ones. You can now forget about your old appointments and concentrate on your core business with peace of mind!

Activation: Product standard

Pentests zur Gewährleistung der Datensicherheit bei easy­square

Effective security measures with easy­square

Remember our release note special  on the topic of security? We caught you up on current security measures for our systems, including the use of pentests. And since we’d like to keep you up to date on this, we’re more than happy to announce that our measures are working. Previous findings reported to us by our external service provider have been processed as a top priority, and we’ve successfully eliminated security vulnerabilities in advance. You can rest assured: we’re staying on the ball!

Accordion Menü in den easy­square Apps

Accordion time!

The accordion (or “sailor’s piano”, as its also called in German) can not only squeeze out the sweetest shanties, but is also a great way to display lots of content in a small space as a navigation element in our apps. Sections of a form can be grouped into a vertically arranged list with headings, making it possible to show or hide content at the touch of a finger. This condenses your forms and reduces scrolling – a major reason why we’re providing the accordion menu for all platforms. And to leave you with an appropriate earworm, we’ll conclude with the line… That’s what we’ll do with the drunken sailor ;-)

Activation: Form design

Dynamische Ermittlung von Icons in den easy­square Apps

Icon flow

Symbols and icons serve to visually underscore content in forms and provide the perfect orientation aid in our apps. You know them from our services for displaying consumption information in the tenant app, for example. To ensure that the icons are found across the entire navigation path and automatically migrated into the Short Style, they are now determined dynamically from the boxes. A small change with a big impact!

Activation: Customising

Darstellung von Mini-Slogans in der easy­square Vermieter- sowie Interessenten-App

Mini slogan for rental properties

Property searches begin almost exclusively online these days. That’s why housing companies are well advised to rely on professional and, above all, digital marketing for their properties. You have a wide range of measures at your disposal – from choosing the right rental platform to online advertising and appealing design for your exposés. Because intuition is increasingly playing a big role in addition to hard factors such as price, location and size, emotional elements are becoming more important in marketing. This can include impressive photos, videos, first-hand stories or even a snappy slogan. To map the latter according to your objects in the landlord app, small mini slogans can be added in the Generic Style. Time to get creative!

Activation: Customising

Alternative PDF Version eines Angebots oder Exposés in der easy­square Vermieter-App

Initial display for manual exposés and offers

Speaking of rental marketing, if you’ve already made your exposés into absolute eye-catchers with an attractive design, then you’ll certainly want to use these documents to present content in the potential tenant app. That shouldn’t be a problem. Landlords can now manually upload both exposés and offers to properties as PDF files. The easy­square rental solution automatically detects if alternatives have been saved and replaces the form preview with your chosen file. Your potential tenants won’t be able to take their eyes off the new initial display.

Activation: Customising

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